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Lance Price and Dissemination

John Simkin

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I thought it might be worthwhile to reflect on Lance’s advice concerning dissemination.

Lance argued that we should make much more use of local television and radio stations to publicize E-HELP. It seems we have wasted the opportunity to do this in previous meetings. For example, I am sure local radio and television would have covered Lance’s presentation on Thursday. Is it possible to still get some information on this in the local press? Nico has posted some great pictures of Lance’s presentation.

The second important point Lance made concerned the use of surveys. It is true that the British media is obsessed with survey results. We are in a good position to do this as we have access to students all over Europe. I propose we carry out a two-part survey. The first should concentrate on student knowledge on European history. We can use this information to compare the results of different countries.

The second-part will be a study of the extent that students experience the latest technology in the classroom.

As Lance pointed out, the national press will probably be more interested in the first-part of the survey. However, we could do our best to link both parts of the survey together and to suggest that our E-HELP courses and website will be the answer to this problem.

I liked Lance’s idea of targeting right-wing newspapers on a Sunday. As he pointed out, Monday’s papers often give the story a more liberal spin. It is also a story we might be able to get on national television or radio (Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2 always includes survey results on his afternoon show.) If not, local television and radio are sure to use this material.

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