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Rare JFK books

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I found a good bookstore in D.C. that has a few second hand rare books on the JFK assassination. I'm pretty sure that the same person sold them all to the store as they all have some notes written on them.

I bought 'Deadly Secrets' by Warren Hinckle and William Turner for $12 and a book on Richard Helms for $16.

I found a few others, If anybody wants them I will gladly get them and send them onwards, though you must pick up the tab obviously! I know how hard it is to get some of them so I though that I would do a public service.

2 copies of The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence by Victor Marchetti $26

1 copy, Inside the Company by Philip Agee $38

1 copy The CIA and congress: The untold story from Roosevelt to Kennedy $40

There are more CIA books there, but I'm not sure if they are rare.

If anybody wants me to pick them up, give me an email at wereallgoitaheavenlads@hotmail.com

By the way, they are the store prices, I'm not putting anything on top of that.

All the best,

John Geraghty

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Hi John,

Maybe you should consider taking a day trip to Langley. When you get to the security gate, tell them you want to take the escorted tour to all the safe houses in the area. If they seem reluctant, just tell them you're writing a book on CIA complicity in the assassination of President Kennedy, and that you're only doing some research.

Just kidding.

As we discussed before, one way to get an idea of a book's fair value and its scarcity is to go to ABEbooks.com and do a search. They only had one copy of Marchetti's book which indicates it is relatively hard to find. They had a bunch of new copies of The CIA and Congress starting at $30 plus shipping.

Are you going to meet Cynthia McKinney? How's the food? Did the District of Columbia meet your expectations? How's your accommodations?



PS> I just saw the other thread....I'll look for your accounts there!

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Hi Michael,

I met the congresswoman on Friday briefly. The food is much as it is at home, I'm surviving on the students diet...pasta and the canteen in the Longworth building.

The accommodation is great, I'm staying with four others and 3 cats. We are all about the same age and share similar political beliefs, though I am only now introducing them to the JFK assassination and they are giving me some new insight on US politics.

I'm trying to get a lot of reading done while I'm here, but its hard because I only get hme at 7 and I usually have something or another to do.

The district itself is great, its public transport is very handy, though a bit expensive.

My next stop is Arlington Cemetery, for obvious reasons.


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