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The Death of Princess Diana

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There were many strange events surrounding the death of Princess Diana.

1. The U.S. TV show Hardcopy had a newly married couple that played their home video while they were staying in Paris that night at the Ritz Hotel. The video showed that the white Fiat Uno took off at a high rate of speed right after the limo driven by Henri Paul departed, leaving by a back door of the Ritz Hotel. There was no doubt that a white Fiat Uno exists, based on this TV show videotape, which I watched live. The car was found later, but had been repainted, and is now in a container located in a secure storage company according to a BBC broadcast.

2. Just prior to leaving the hotel, Henri Paul was seen walking in a straight line along the corridor of the hotel, he did not appear to be drunk at all. He walked normally, in my opinion. Paul was found later to be an informant for MI6 while working for the Ritz Hotel, having many bank accounts totalling over $100,000.00 deposited recently.

3. The bodyguard, Trevor Reese Jones strapped himself into the seat with the safety belt. This is against the rules of bodyguards, who must be ready to respond to the slightest problem. The driver was correctly strapped in.

4. The limousine was stolen several months prior to the "accident", but recovered. Could some remote control device have been installed in order to accellerate the vehicle out of control while it was in the tunnel?

5. There was a flash photo showing all occupants in the car just before the crash. Who took this photo, and was the bright flash part of the plot to assassinate the Princess as detailed by former MI6 employee Richard Tomlinson, author of The Big Breach" 2000, published by Narodny Variant Publishers, Moscow, Russia who said that the plot was identical with a plot that he remembered seeing while working at MI6, during a vist to Geneva, to assassinate Slobodan Milosevic in a tunnel, replete with a bright flash to disorient and blind the driver.

Ironically, Tomlinson had booked a series of flights from New Zealand, where his hotel room was raided, and at New York's JFK airport, he was refused entry to the United States and deported...rather fortuitously, as Tomlinson's original itinerary had seen him due to leave the U.S. on Swissair Flight #SR111 on 2 September 1998, which plunged into the Atlantic shortly after takeoff.

6. Affadavit. http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=5750

7. New witness saw Fiat Driver kill Diana. http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=43122

8. Rather than examine the vehicle in detail, it was loaded onto a tow truck immediately after Trevor Reese Jones was removed. One hour later, at 4am, the tunnel was cleaned by street sweepers that sprayed the walls. By 4:30am, the tunnel was opened to traffic. There was never an investigation of the crime scene intact. Patrick Chauvel was a local photographer on the scene that was not believed by local police. Eric Petel, 26 was on his motorcycle when he was overtaken by the Mercedes as he approached the tunnel, and was the first on the scene. He moved Diana's head forward, and realized that it was Princess Diana. He went to the nearest police station but was ignored, handcuffed and moved to the Paris Police Station. An officer told him quietly "You had better not make yourself known." This senior officer then set him free. Abridged from a book, Diana: Death of a Goddess, by @ David Cohen 2004, published by Century.

9. Nov 2, 2002, The Guardian had a front page article "What the Butler said: "The Queen came through for me". Paul Burrell, the former royal butler was cleared of all charges of theft against members of the royal family. Allegedly, there were plans to call Prince Charles and Prince William as witnesses. The Queen told Paul that there are dark forces out there.

10. July 22, 2006, the 60 year old Royal Coroner, Michael Burgess quit, unexpectedly.

11. Princess Diana wrote a letter to Paul Burrell 10 months before her death stating that her husband wanted to see her dead in a car crash. He claimed in a book that Diana believed that the brakes of her car would be tampered with. She wrote: "This phase of my life is the most dangerous."

12. In the Sunday Express, Aug. 15, 2004, the parents of the chauffeur who drove Princess Diana to her death claimed a court order for new alcohol and drugs blood test would prove a "farce", because the samples for analysis were not their son's. Henri Paul's father, Jean said: Henri's blood samples have vanished somewhere between one lab and another."

13. The ambulance took 1 hour and 10 minutes to travel to the hospital. (3 miles) Although an embalming was not allowed in France for a British citizen, she was embalmed from the waist up by Professor Lecomte in the hours after her death. The owner of the White Fiat Uno died under mysterious circumstances.

14. Henri Paul's body showed a carbon monoxide level of 20.7 percent, which would have rendered him incapable of walking, let alone driving. Why did French Police say within 24 hours of the crash that Paul was twice the legal drink driving limit before the body samples had been analyzed?

15. Why were Paul's family stopped from carrying out their own Post Mortem examination? Why was the evidence of witness Eric Petel ignored? Why was the traffic police investigation report not included in the official inquiry report? Why did the police say that the car's speedometer was stuck at 120 mph? Mercedes said that the speedometer would have reverted to zero, something that the police later conceded.

16. http://www.rumormillnews.com/clyd.htm Documents detail plot to murder Princess Diana.

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But considering that she most likely would have survived if she had been wearing a seatbelt, how did the conspiracy to kill her make it so she didn't? Or how did they know she wouldn't? If she was worried about her death happening in a car accident, why wouldn't she wear her seatbelt?

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Maira Oliveira - All Headline News Reporter

London, England (BANG) - A key witness in the inquiry into the death of Britain's Princess Diana recently claimed police threatened him to change his evidence.

Jeweler Alberto Repossi - who claims he sold Diana's lover Dodi Al Fayed an engagement ring the day before the couple were killed in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997 - alleges he was put under pressure by investigators to retract the statement he gave to Lord Stevens, who is leading the inquiry.

There is speculation that investigators did not want evidence that Diana and Dodi were to become engaged to be made public, as it would fuel conspiracy theories championed by Dodi's father Mohammed Al Fayed that the princess was murdered as part of a secret plot to prevent her from marrying a Muslim.

Repossi told Britain's Daily Express newspaper, "These are things which I am absolutely certain about. They warned me if anyone lied to Lord Stevens - and anyone could include the prime minister or even the secret service - then he had the power to get people sent to prison.

He added, "They kept repeating the warnings of the risk to my reputation and the bad press coverage I would get. But despite all this, I was not prepared to change what I'd said before because it was the truth."

Repossi's testimony - backed up by receipts and CCTV footage - reveals Dodi and Diana picked a $305,000 emerald and diamond ring from a range of engagement bands called "Did-Moi Oui" which means "Tell Me Yes" at his Monte Carlo jewelry store in August 1997.

Dodi - the son of Harrods owner, Mohammad Al Fayed - asked for the ring to be sent to Repossi's Paris branch so he could collect it on August 30.

Repossi said, "I strongly support any attempt to determine exactly what caused this terrible tragedy. Until now I thought I could play my part by co-operating fully with the inquiry. But my treatment during the interviews has convinced me that they are not interested in establishing the truth."

He continued, "My real concern is that attempts were certainly made to get me to change what I knew to be the truth. I believe they were doing this in order to support theories or conclusions they had already arrived at before they saw me. They only seemed interested in trying to show me I was lying."

The investigation is expected to conclude that the crash was an accident due to driver Henri Paul being under the influence of alcohol and driving over the speed limit.

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The media coverage of the Stephens Report was based virtually exclusively on rebutting the claims made by Mohamed Al Fayed that the execution of Diana had been carried out by MI6 on the orders of the royal family. It ignored the much more serious claims that have been made by Noel Botham in his book, The Murder of Princess Diana. Botham claims that Diana was killed by the CIA on behalf of the arms industry. He argues that Hillary Clinton asked Diana to front-up the campaign against land-mines. This would have enabled Bill Clinton to agree to the ban. This nearly worked as Diane’s high-profile campaign made it politically acceptable for Clinton to do this. Soon after she was murdered Clinton changed his mind and began supporting the use of land-mines. This of course would explain why the CIA was bugging Diana’s phone. It also explains why MI6 and the French Intelligence Services would have worked together to cover-up the crime. I don’t actually believe this theory but I find it more convincing than it being an assassination ordered by Prince Philip.

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