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Biography: Jeffrey King

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I was born in Northern Illinois in 1954, and moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in 1976. I’ve been in the field of quality assurance most of my life, and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I’m currently semi-retired, and spend my time tending to my investments.

In 1971, I read Josiah Thompson’s book “Six Seconds in Dallas”, and it influenced me so much that I wrote my senior year thesis on the subject. My grade wasn’t what I wished it was because it was twice as long as required, and the instructor thought it was “pure fantasy”. :peace

I have a few minor connections to the JFK assassination. I worked at the Texas Instruments building where Janet Conforto (Jada) had her accident the morning of the 22nd. That building, by the way, was right along the route the motorcade would take just a couple of hours later. The other connection was that I knew, and worked, with Danny Arce in the late 70’s at an aircraft maintenance facility near Love Field.

While I am, admittedly, an “armchair” researcher, I have special interest in all of the City of Dallas documents on the subject. Also being a 50’s and 60’s car nut, all of the vehicles involved hold a special interest to me. I’d like to do my part in putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

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