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Abbreviations relating to educational inclusion in England

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Last weekend, on another forum, a contributor complained about the plethora of unexpanded abbreviations and acronyms used in educational inclusion in general and special educational needs in particular. I enjoy problem-solving and did some research on existing abbreviations lists, compiled by national government, local authorities and support organisations. No list seemed definitive, or regularly kept up to date, so I decided to compile my own. It's already been welcomed by two online forums dedicated to SEN, so I thought I'd draw colleagues' attention to its existence here. I am sure there are plenty of omissions and there may be many corrections needed too - please feel free to comment and suggest additions. The terms relate to England only at the moment, but at some future date I will be adding terms from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, then abbreviations from continental Europe.


I do so hope to get some feedback here about this document. It saddens me how contributions about special educational needs go for months without a response. Countries are often judged by the way they treat their vulnerable minorities. Since the passing of the Salamanca Agreement and disability legislation in developed countries, education systems are also rightly judged by the way they serve those with individual learning needs, such as the gifted and talented, those who speak English as an Additional Language or those with special educational needs.

David Wilson


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