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Olover Stone and Fidel Castro

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unfortunately very few in the States saw "Commandante" it was reshot and repackaged as "Looking for Fidel" here on HBO network. The first intervu was deemed too Fidel sympathetic and the new version was what we saw in US.

IMHO Stone missed a great opportunity to ask Castro about his beginnings in late fifties when he was getting help from the US that resulted in his triumph. Stone never asked about Castro being in Columbia during the Bogatazo, when Gaitan was killed. Nor did he ask Castro about Camilo's (Cienfuegos a trusted Commandante) untimely death, or why Che left Cuba for other revolutionary horizons. Or where the body of William Morgan is. So much was left out of this piece--lousy research resulted in just a silly interview of an aging control freak.

So much could have been done that wasn't, perhaps Commandante has more meat on its bones, because Looking for Fidel was very lean on real info.

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