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How easy to see the big picture.

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Back brace or no back brace, it would have been physically impossible for JFK - or anyone else for that matter - to have remained seated in an almost upright position after having been shot in the back and throat. Nevertheless that's what the Zapruder footage leads viewers to believe. For example, take a look at the following frame:

Obviously JFK's head is depicted as having been well above the level of the rear seat , and would have been clearly exposed to anyone firing from the TSBD. That's precisely the reason why this frame and its predecessors were deliberately 'doctored', namely to hide the fact that at the time of the fatal head shot it would have been impossible for the shot to have been fired from the TSBD, since JFK's head was resting in Jackie's arms, and below the level of the back of the rear seat.

Study the picture very carefully, and see if you can visually reconfigure the elements to suggest an entirely very different scenario. To assist interpretation, I have added two blue dots to indicate where one should locate the position of JFK's eye's. Now look at the picture :

Pay particular attention to the area below :

What you should see is indicated by the outlining in the following picture:

If you wish to read a more detailed explanation, click on: My Webpage

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