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Biography: Jesse Henry

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Active duty U S Army WWII and Korea.

Consultants & Designers - Arlington,Va: Worked on consolidated military supply catalog.

North American Aviation, LA: Foundry and Tool & Die Depts.

Holmes & Narver, LA: Eniwetok & Bikini Atolls for AEC.

Raymond Construction Co: Highway construction, and core drilling, Thailand.

Television Associates of Indiana: OICC Contract with Telephone Org. of Thailand.

CONAM: Port Operations Manager, Cargo Talley and Security aspects, relating to military cargo shipped to and thru Thailand during Viet Nam War.

Self-employed: Import-Export consultant for small companies, Thailand.

Part-time.some-time teaching, university level.

Arbitration - Mediation experience.

Allied interests: agriculture - tropical crops; amateur photography.

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