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Life as a Jew in Nazi Germany

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Welcome to the forum. You will find several accounts from:


See the accounts of:

Moshe Flinker

Primo Levi

Anne Frank

Janine Phillips

Hugo Gryn

Macha Rolnikas

Eva Heyman

Yitskhok Rudashevsk

Victor Klemperer

Rudolf Vrba

See also the biographies of Jews who joined the resistance:

Mordechai Anielewicz

Adolf Liebeskind

Masha Bruskina

Gole Mire

Justyna Draenger

Witold Pilecki

Shimshon Draenger

Rozo Robota

Haika Grosman

Hannah Senesh

Mendel Grossman

Rudolf Vrba

Josef Kaplan

Yitzhak Zuckerman

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You might also want to consider the Jews who remained undercover throughout the war in Nazi Germany. These people were often referred to as 'submarines' and there are various accounts to draw upon. One of the best known (and the subject of a recent TV documentary) is found in the book 'The Nazi Officer's Wife' by Edith Hahn (published by Abacus).

Another good source is 'The Past in Hiding' by Mark Roseman (published by Penquin) telling the story of Marianne Strauss.

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