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Igor Vaganov

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Thanks for your post, Michael, it gives me the chance to thank Jim Hargrove for steering me toward this long article. I had actually read it a few years ago and was put off by it but I didn’t remember why until I re-read it. 

John Berendt: “In spite of the unanswered questions, it would appear that the Philadelphia group is on to the wrong man [Vaganov]. He’s a curious individual. True, Vaganov tells a tall tale once in a while, he has acute fuzz paranoia and there are coincidences which lend sinister implications to his visit to Dallas. But his lies are usually the self-aggrandizing type, his fear of cops stems from his bad-check days and his coincidental movements are no fault of his own. Vaganov’s willingness to be questioned, to have his picture published in a national magazine, to go to Dallas and face the Tippit eyewitnesses, would by themselves tend to rule him out. Furthermore there is not one shred of direct evidence linking him with either the killing that day or with any of the principals involved. If indeed he was involved in something shady in Dallas, it was something other than the assassination....all that matters now is that the critics [of the Warren Report] are probing on their own, chasing down suspects and unintentionally infringing on the privacy of innocent people. They are sincere in their efforts, but sooner or later somebody is going to get hurt.” 

John Berendt appears to be telling us to move along - nothing to see here. I have no reason to think that Igor Vaganov shot Tippit, but I have every reason in the world to think that Igor Vladimirs Vaganov was involved in the assassination in a very interesting way and should be studied thoroughly (see my previous post). While I concede Mr Berendt’s point about infringing on peoples privacy, the point is now moot in the case of Igor Vaganov as he’s no longer with us according to the Social Security Administration. 

What I wouldn’t give for five minutes with Igor. It’s my hypothesis that Richard C Nagell created a puzzle language and that he and Igor V Vaganov told us the whole assassination story, from their point of view, with a focus on Oswald’s part in the plot. I’ve been trying to learn that language. 

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Vaganov is such an interesting character.

In the new article on the Tippit case at Kennedys and King.com by Jack M, he agrees with Milo Reech that Tatum was not there.

But William Weston makes the case that Vaganov's car is similar to the one that was seen there.

And his physique is similar to what Clemmons' describes as one of the killers. And he was visited by a short, stocky man who resembled the other killer described by Clemmons three days before. (Joe McBride, Into the Nightmare, p. 575)

In one of the hundreds of lacunae in the WC, Vaganov was never called as a witness.  Even though the FBI visited him the afternoon of the murder and questioned him for hours. (McBride,  p. 575) . 


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