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George Lincoln Rockwell

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To start off, George's tirade.

To show you just how powerful this network of poisonous lies has become, let

me present just ONE example of how it works to keep the American people

utterly helpless and ignorant of what is really going on in the world around


Let me ask the reader to try to imagine what would have happened just thirty

years ago, if I, George Lincoln Rockwell well, had defected from the United

States to Nazi Germany, denounced America, became an ardent Nazi citizen of

Germany, then came back here to America and assassinated Franklin D.


Does anyone imagine that our government and every organ of our press would

have been insisting, over and over, that the assassination of Roosevelt was

the act of just one man, me, - and had nothing to do with the Nazis? - as they

keep insisting that Oswald was a "loner" and had nothing at all to do with the

world communist movement, although there is plenty of evidence that communism

makes a BUSINESS of assassinations, - and that Oswald was a most vital part of

the international communist apparatus?

To give the reader an inside peek into just how false is our whole information

network, when it comes to anything involving race, or communism, - let me set

forth the KNOWN facts behind the assassination of President Kennedy, and YOU

judge how the lie-machine has misled America.

In the Jew-dominated Bronx, New York, when he was an adolescent youth, Lee

Harvey Oswald admitted that his dark journey into Communist terrorism began.

He was handed a pro-Communist leaflet on behalf of the two convicted Jewish

Communist spies, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were finally electrocuted for

treason at Sing Sing Prison.

After reading the Communist pamphlet on behalf of the Jew Communist

Rosenbergs, Oswald was inspired to obtain and read the works of Marx and

Lenin. Later, in Dallas, Oswald boasted that "Das Kapital" became his "bible".

Instead of enjoying normal American pursuits and interests, young Oswald began

to soak his mind in the fanatic class hatred of Communism. All millionaires

were "enemies of the people", "tyrants" who should be killed.

The juggernaut that would, on November 22, 1963, blast out the brains of an

American president - (a millionaire) was launched in New York's Bronx from the

pages of the "Communist Manifesto", Rosenberg literature and "Das Kapital".

Continually soaking himself in this poisonous Communist hatred, Oswald became

a typical young, liberal pseudointellectual.

In the Marine Corps, his Commanding Officer, First Lt. John E. Donovan, has

told how Oswald, just like the young leftist college students I meet all the

time, was full of liberal, Marxist and "intellectual" conceit, and arrogant

attitude of superiority to all non-Marxist humanity.

In October 1959, full of hatred for the "capitalist" United States, Oswald

traveled to the Soviet Union, turned his passport in to the U. S. Embassy,

denounced his native America and applied for Soviet citizenship. In a press

conference in Moscow, he heaped abuse on the United States of America, said

its people were "bigots" and "exploiters" and scorned everything American.

Getting a work assignment is difficult in Russia. Oswald, however, had no

trouble, once he made friends with Soviet factory boss, Alexander Zeger, whom

Oswald describes in his diary, (January 13, 1960) as a "Polish Jew". This Jew

gets Oswald a top job in his factory. Believe it or not, Oswald also gets a

regular payment from the "Red Cross" while in Russia! (Portrait of the

Assassin, Gerald Ford. page 51.)

In Kiev, Russia, the Soviets maintain a school for terrorists and assassins.

While ostensibly living in Minsk, Russia, Oswald made frequent trips of long

duration to Kiev! Oswald, strangely enough, in the Soviet Union, was granted a

most extraordinary privilege, especially for a non-citizen. He was allowed to

use a rifle and practiced to target shooting!

In Oswald's Diary, October 18, 1960, Oswald records that he is in love with a

Jewess, Ella Germain. He becomes infatuated with her, while running around

with the Jews with whom he works and their Jewish friends, but she will have

none of him. He winds up carrying a "torch" for this Jewess, and soon resorts

to the traditional method of ''rebounding''. On April 13, Oswald married an

attractive Russian woman, Marina Pruskova, and had a child. After 2½ years in

the Soviet Union, Oswald suddenly asked the Soviet Government for a favor

almost never granted he wanted to get an exit visa for his Soviet wife and

child to return to the U.S.A.!

Amazingly, he had no difficulty whatsoever in getting this rare permission. He

then wrote to Senator John Tower, demanding help in returning to the United


There is a man who committed naked treason, denounced his native land, turned

in his passport and still was openly contemptuous of the United States, its

people, its government and its ideals.

Nevertheless, tremendous forces went to work and the U.S. Embassy in Russia

gave Soviet-loving Oswald his passport back!

As if this were not enough, Oswald thereupon asked for, and got, from the very

government he had denounced and betrayed $435.00 to return to the United

States of America.

The State Department of the United States Government then issued a special

non-quota immigration permit for Oswald to bring his wife, Marina, into the

United States.

(Just for purposes of comparison, let the reader note the way I was hunted

down and thrown out of England in 1962 by the British Government, although I

am no criminal, nor in any way disloyal, while American Jewish traitor Soblen

was pampered in every way while I was there and England refused to turn him

over for deportation to the United States, even while I was being shipped


Traitor Oswald and his wife arrived in the United States on June 13, 1962 and

proceeded to Dallas. }

The record shows that Oswald told a public stenographer that in 1962 an

"engineer" in the area offered to publish a book about the Soviet Union to be

written by Oswald. It just happens that a man named Michael Paine is an

engineer who claims that he did not meet or know Oswald until a left-wing

pro-Castro party in 1963. Oswald, having recently returned from the Soviet

Union, was invited to a Russia-loving Castroite party, and all the local

lefties, proCommunists and other Unitarians, Quakers and "peace" workers

(leftists) attended to meet Oswald and his Russian wife. A Mrs. Ruth Paine,

who attended that Castroite party, had been a super-leftist liberal at Antioch

College in Yellow Springs, Ohio and the University of Pennsylvania, and had

studied Russian in line with the usual "liberal" magnetic attraction to

everything Russian and Soviet. (Her folks were Unitarians). At this party, we

are supposed to believe, the Paines became so entranced with this traitor

Oswald that they began to subsidize him and his family and Mrs. Oswald

actually moved in with them!

During this time, with Mrs. Paine and Marina Oswald amiably chatting every

day, (in Russian only), Oswald obtained and lost several jobs and traveled to

New Orleans, the city with the largest port and concentration of Communists in

the South. Here Oswald contacted the Communist Party and "Fair Play for Cuba

Committee" at 799 Broadway, New York City.

The "Fair Play for Cuba Committee" now claims that Oswald's activities in New

Orleans were in no way authorized by the Committee. Yet there are six lengthy

letters from Oswald to the Committee, which were published in the New York

Times of December 9, 1963, p. 38, which make it perfectly obvious to anyone of

normal intelligence that Oswald was working hand-in-glove with the "Fair Play

for Cuba Committee". The head of the "Fair Play for Cuba Committee," Mr. V. T.

Lee," (Jewish name, Tappin,) has announced that he "lost" or "mislaid" the

carbon copies of the answers which he wrote to all these letters of Oswald's.

During this period, Oswald had his photograph taken holding up a rifle and his

favorite newspaper, "The Miltant". "The Militant" is the newspaper of the

Trotskyite Communist "Socialist Workers Party" and its title is clear enough

indication of its nature. The Trotskyite Communist members of the "Socialist

Workers Party", about 90% Jews and Negroes, are violently "militant" and scorn

the more subtle activities of the regular Communist Party and Soviet Russia as

"too slow". They are passionate adherents of Trotsky's doctrine of

"international violent revolution". The Chinese Communists, the African

Communists (100% Negro) and Castro (50% Negro) are also violent adherents of

the bloody Trotsky doctrines of bloodshed, murder and assassination.

I went to the Library of Congress and obtained a copy of "The Militant", the

Communist newspaper with which Oswald proudly had his picture taken with his

assassination rifle. Here is a quotation from that filthy Communist rag.

(Judge for yourself what kind of "hate" killed President Kennedy - and will

kill all of us if we don't put an immediate and complete stop to this sort of



"May I draw a word-picture of what we are really talking about when we say

'Decolonize America now'. Let us imagine that in November 1960, Fidel Castro,

instead of John F. Kennedy had been elected president of the U. S. On the

basis of his clear record of eliminating all racial barriers in Cuba and

stopping police brutality, about 95% of the cops in this country, Black and

White, North and South, would catch the first planes out to escape

persecution. Many of them would wind up in South Africa as "refugees". There

they would find a political and racial climate wholly compatible and


If 'Bull' Conner were caught and arrested before fleeing, Fidel Castro would

not permit anyone to lynch him. He would be given a fair trial. In open court,

evidence would be presented of 30 years of his tyranny and terror as

Birmingham police commissioner. Old 'Bull' would have full opportunity to

testify in his own defense. His attorneys could cross-examine all the

prosecution's witnesses, many of who would be Negroes. And then, since it is

inconceivable that any court would find him innocent, he would be taken out

and shot.

"Meanwhile, on his first day in office, Fidel would have occupied the entire

South with Federal troops without bureaucratic delays, the jails would be

emptied of all Freedom Fighters and other victims of the Jim Crow system.

Fidel's new cabinet would decree the immediate desegregation of all public

facilities. Thenceforth, all persons who continued to discriminate would go to

jail or to humanely operated rehabilitation centers (Communist euphemism for

"concentration camp" -G.L.R.) in an effort to cure them of their racist

insanity. All jobs, all housing, all opportunities would be made available to

everyone without discrimination.

"Most beautiful of all, Fidel would disband the entire repressive F.B.I.

apparatus and would burn all the secret police garbage and intimate gossip

that thousands of psychopathic F.B.I. agents have assembled over the years. He

would put J. Edgar Hoover in an integrated cell in an Atlanta penitentiary as

punishment for four decades of criminal neglect of duty. Hoover has never

protected the Constitutional rights of Negroes.

"Sadly, but realistically, even a Pacifist has to make a prediction that will

scare and alarm many persons. The prediction is that it is going to take

drastic, Castro-type revolution before this problem of the racists will be

resolved. North and South, the twisted White Man in the U. S. has no more

intention of giving up his Jim Crow system than do the fanatics in the Union

of South Africa."

In the voluminous records of testimony about the assassination, the wife of

Lee Oswald, Marina, admits Oswald used the name "A. Hidell" in sending for the

rifle he used to kill Kennedy, because "Hidell" sounds like "Fidel"--


While living with the Paines, Oswald practiced sharp shooting with the rifle

he kept in the Paine's garage. He took a pot shot at General Walker, ran home

and boasted of the fact to his wife in Russian, explaining that Walker needed

to be wiped out for his "extremist", right-wing, anti-Communist and "Fascist"

views. Mrs. Oswald, with complete naiveté, has told this to the Federal Bureau

of investigation. But we are sup- posed to believe that she never mentioned

this to Mrs. Paine, her protectress and only confidante, the only person in

America who regularly talked with her in Russian, the only language she


In September it is announced that President Kennedy will visit Dallas.

Three weeks later, Mrs. Paine calls up Mr. Truly, the manager of the Texas

school book depository and gets Oswald a job working there.

Within a matter of only an hour or two after Mrs. Paine contacted Mr. Truly to

get Oswald the job at the ideal assassination spot on the Presidential parade

route, Oswald appeared at a rooming house at 1026 N. Beckley Street, using the

name "O.H.Lee"!!!! The room was far smaller than the one he already had and

cost him $1 per week more! Also, why the phony name? (See New York Post, Dec.

10, 1963, page 22). Can any reasonable person doubt that there was a criminal

intention present, at least in the mind of Oswald, when he got the job at the

Book Depository, and that Mrs. Paine's involvement is, at the very least,

highly suspicious?

Meanwhile, Bernard Weissman and another New York Jew drive all the way down to

Dallas to place a full-page advertisement in the Dallas papers for publication

the precise date of the President's assassination. Printed with a black

border, the advertisement attacks Kennedy in a most extreme manner.

Consider: Dallas, supposedly a hot bed of right-wing extremism could

apparently produce no "extremists" willing to put up the money for or write

such an "extreme" anti-Kennedy ad. Two Jews had to come all the way down from

New York to print this "extremist" ad in Dallas. Why?

Later, it turns out that Weissman's partner in this 1500mile extremist

excursion to Dallas from New York City to put a hate-Kennedy ad in the Dallas

paper is a top leader of "Young Americans for Freedom" - an organization put

together and master-minded from 79 Madison Avenue, by Jew Marvin Liebman -

"ex"-Communist! (Mentioned in Chapter VI).

During his period in Dallas, at the request of a local "engineer" (Mr. Paine

was an "engineer"), Oswald began writing a Marxist, pro-Communist,

pro-Trotskyite, pro-Castro - (but anti-Soviet) book. (It should be pointed out

here that vast numbers of American Communists, particularly Trotskyites and

Reds in our State Department, feel that the Soviets have "betrayed" the

Communist Revolution by re-creating the necessary institutions of society -

authority, the family, marriage, discipline, etc. - which these Marxist

fanatics consider to be "Fascist" perversions of "pure Communism". The

Trotskyite Communists, which include most of the Jew Communists, are becoming

racist Communists like the yellow Chinese Communists, the all Negro Black

Communists in Africa, and the mongrel Negro Communists like Castro and the

Cubans. These are the "way-out", "leftist" Communists who favor Jewish

Trotsky's bloody doctrines against the more moderate policies of Russia.) (It

is also interesting to note that, right after the assassination, in a printed

report, I called attention to the fact, in connection with the fight between

the Trotskyites and Red Chinese on one side, and Russians on the other, that

"White, Gentile Khrushchev is finding himself more and more at odds with the

dark, racial Communists of the World and the Jew Trotskyites who lead them". -

Within months after I wrote this, Khrushchev was dumped.)

But the most significant and startling thing about Oswald's episode is the

public stenographer's story of what happened when Oswald began to give her

sections of the book mentioning Kiev, where the Soviets maintain their school

of assassination and terror.

The stenographer reports that when Oswald reached the Kiev episodes, he became

highly agitated snatched away the entire manuscript, notes and carbons leaving

only $10 in payment!

The Paines took Oswald to a meeting of the American Civil Liberties Union,

which has defended literally thousands of Communists, murderers and saboteurs,

and helped Oswald to apply for membership. He was told the ACLU "defends

radicals" - which it does.

Shortly before the assassination, Fidel Castro held a "Hate America" parade in

Havana, Cuba. He had Castroite mobs carry a casket, labeled "John F. Kennedy",

through the streets to the jeers and hoots of the red Cubans. On top of that

casket, Castro had placed a huge sign reading, "Here lies Kennedy, killed by

the Cuban Revolution!" (See Y. A. F. New Guard, Nov. 1966, page 13).

Robert Williams, the American Negro who publishes the Crusader boasted to the

mob, "Kennedy has persecuted American Negroes long enough! Soon we will be

avenged!" (New Guard, Nov. 1966).

Three days before the assassination of President Kennedy, the F.B.I. seized

three Castroite terrorists in New York, precisely like Castroite Oswald. The

Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed that had these three Castroite

terrorists not been caught, they planned to bomb Wall Street, blow up oil

refineries in New Jersey and spread a wave of assassinations and terror

throughout New York!

This would have occurred about November 22, - the day the President was shot!!

Here is a quote from the "New York Journal American", November 18, 1963:

"If the F. B. I. had failed to smash a Cuban plot geared to spread death,

terror and destruction in the metropolitan area, Government sources said the

three arrested saboteurs planned to destroy national defense material sites

and utilities in New York City; blow up gasoline and oil refineries - the

expected result: 100 million dollars worth of damage; plant incendiary bombs

in New York City's largest department stores; train ten other pro-Castroites

in the art of sabotage. These ten were already undergoing training

clandestinely. The expected result: a stepped-up program of sabotage that in

time might completely paralyze the City. The blowing up of bridges and subway

facilities for example, might have been part of the plot for the future."

One day before the assassination, on November 21, Havana Radio boasted that

Castro Communism would "export" bloody terrorism to all the nations in the

Western Hemisphere - including the United States! (Washington Post, Dec. 8,


Meanwhile, inexplicably, Oswald slips over to Mexico to the Cuban and Soviet

Embassies and is seen by witnesses in a station wagon! The border guard

remembers there were two women and a man with Oswald - (Mr. and Mrs. Paine and

Mrs. Oswald?) (Toronto Telegram) (Mrs. Paine had a station wagon and used it

to transport the Oswalds several times, including from New Orleans to Dallas.)

Oswald talked at the Communist Embassy in Mexico City just before he went to

Dallas for the assassination.

Simultaneously, Castro, as a matter of historical fact, is spreading murder

and terror in Venezuela, where U.S. citizens were beaten, kidnapped and killed

by the Castroite terrorists. On November 7, 1963, United States Congressman

Kirsten wrote an official warning to President Kennedy that the Communists

were training "professional assassins for action in the United States"!

(Northern Virginia Sun, Nov. 27, 1963, Page 1).

Exactly fifteen days after this official warning, President Kennedy was killed

by a Communist assassin. And now we are told it was only the act of a "loner",

and we mustn't get mad at the Communists, Soviets or Cuba!!!

On November 22, 1963, Lee Oswald killed the President by shooting out of one

of the windows of the building where Russian-loving Mrs. Paine had gotten him

a job! (A "coincidence" of course.) Within a matter of minutes after the

assassin turned out to be a Communist, the United States State Department sent

out a top-priority demand to leading U.S. news agencies to minimize any

connection between Oswald and world Communism "in order to avoid distributing

relations with the Soviet countries and Cuba". (Washington Daily News, Dec. 4,

1963, P. 5). We get hardened to the redness of our own State Department.

Perhaps it will help the reader to see the red reality here if we reverse the

situation Suppose Hitler's Germany were still going strong, and I shot the

President. Can you imagine the State Department sending out a plea to the

press not to mention that I am a "Nazi" to avoid disturbing relations with Mr.


Any normal American cannot help asking himself how it was that a notorious

traitor and defector to Russia could calmly sit in the window of a building on

a Presidential parade route with a rifle and shoot the President, in spite of

the FBI, the Secret Service and the Dallas Police Department, and walk away

from the building.

The answer is absurdly simple. Tragically simple! Because of the intense

anti-right-wing-"extremist" propaganda led by the President himself, all the

security forces were watching anti-Communists. There was nobody left to pay

any attention to the real deadly danger, the Communists! Within moments of the

shooting, five harmless ANTI-Communists were seized by the Dallas Police by

the officers right on their tails in the crowd. These five were held four days

because of the crazy hysteria whipped up against anti-Communists, even though

the Police, while they were holding these anti-Communists, caught the real

culprit, a Red, allowed him to be shot in the basement of the Police Station

by a Jew, and then locked up the assassin's assassin.

The President was shot because he, along with the Jews and the rest of the

left wing, had blinded America to the deadly menace of the Reds, calling it

"witch-hunting" "hate", etc., and set all our Security forces on a phony

"witch-hunt" after Rightists, the D.A.R., etc. -while -trained and deadly

Communist killer Oswald was allowed to run around free of surveillance - just

like hundreds of thousands more like him who are running around America today,

right now!

The American Nazi Party was damned by Attorney General Kennedy as unAmerican."

But if the American Nazi Party had had its way, the Attorney General's brother

never would have been shot, because Lee Oswald would have been in his grave,

where traitors belong, according to the Constitution. And dead Communists

can't shoot people or overthrow governments.

There is no "middle ground" with the Communists, no "moderate" position. You

either kill them, or they kill you - as they did kill our President.

After Oswald had gotten clear of the building from which he shot the

President, the whole plan of the Jews and the reds to wipe out the Right wing

and jam through the enabling legislation for a Soviet America, was in the

clear. If Oswald had not been caught, there would not have been one voice

raised to suggest that a Communist might have done it, and just as with the

Birmingham church bombing, where the bomber is unknown, the anti-Communist

Right wing would have been violently "lynched," "for shooting our beloved

President"! - although, just as in Birmingham, there was no "fair trial" -

just a newspaper "lynching."

I believe Destiny took a hand at this point and threw a monkey-wrench into the

Jew-Communist machinery. By the most improbable of chances, a Dallas Policeman

heard the barest possible description of the suspect, - height, weight, age,

etc., - and saw a man who might fit. When he tried to stop this man, the man

shot him. - And all the plans of the reds went up in smoke! Oswald was only

blocks from Rubenstein's apartment, probably on his way to hide out. But the

shooting of heroic officer Tippit "loused up" the plans. He ran for a movie

house in panic and was caught.

It is impossible to overemphasize to th e thoughtful reader the

history-changing magnitude of this event!

Had Oswald "disappeared", like the "Birmingham hate bombers", -the

assassination of the President by the "dangerous" right-Wing "extremists" and

"fascists" would have been used with deadly effect to hammer in the last links

of Communist slavery in America! In the emotional atmosphere, which would have

prevailed, nothing could have stopped the passage of the most extreme

gun-control laws, the disarming of all Americans, and the complete liquidation

of all anti-communist "extremists."

To accomplish this, the red Castroite terrorists were willing to shoot a


Destiny put Officer Tippit in the path of these fiends. Tippit died doing his

duty. But his death saved America from the immediate threat of the Communist

Revolution! I must admit that I could not believe the reds would be insane

enough to shoot the President, but as I dug up more and more of the deadly

facts, I became thoroughly convinced that November 22nd was "Revolution Day"

on the Red calendar. We could never have resisted nor survived the raging

lynch mob they would have whipped up, had Officer Tippit not stopped Oswald

and thus led to the immediate capture and identification of the killer as a


But there is more!

While the President was driving through Dallas, an ex-Chicago Jew named Jacob

Rubenstein was pointedly in the advertising offices of the Dallas newspaper

going over his display ad, which promoted his degenerate strip tease burlesque

club. As the President was driving by outside, Rubenstein refused to join

others in the office in going to the windows to glimpse his "idol"!

Later when Oswald was caught, Rubenstein rushed to the Police Station and

managed to slip by all guards. For an entire day, while Oswald was in the

Police Station, Rubenstein was running around in the middle of everything,

participating in a press conference and even prompting the District Attorney

with the answer to a question on local geography! Rubenstein was busily

passing out his bawdy "calling-cards" for his burlesque show to police and

reporters! As long as Oswald showed no signs of "breaking" under questioning

by police, Rubenstein "joked with reporters" and simply hung around. Then it

was announced that Oswald was "ready to talk", and appeared ready to expose

the real set-up. Rubenstein suddenly became so "upset" over the President's

death, and was so "touched at the thought of Mrs. Kennedy's sorrow", that he

shot Oswald, sealing his lips forever! Consider the position of the


If Oswald talked, the whole thing would blow wide open and, instead of a red

victory, the atmosphere, (if Oswald admitted he was in on an international

Jewish Communist plot) would have been Nazi. The Jew-Communists and traitors

would have had to flee for their lives - as they should!

But even if Oswald didn't talk, the prolonged trial of this Communist assassin

would have driven into American consciousness at last the deadly danger of

tolerating this criminal conspiracy on our soil for one moment longer, and

would have led to a great revival of the patriotism the reds call

"McCarthyism" - and an impossible position for the Communists. The trial of

Oswald just simply mustn't happen. All the day before the shooting of Oswald,

it seems reasonable to me that the high councils of treason in America were

desperately scrambling for the solution. And they found it, - the same

solution they always find.


At the very last moment when Oswald could be reached by "Ruby", - as he was

being transferred to secure quarters from the police station, the Jew

Rubenstein rushed forward, was recognized by Oswald, (as slow motion movies

have proven beyond doubt) - and shot the assassin dead. With Oswald's death,

the worst of the crisis was over for the conspirators.

Consider some of the deadly facts, which would have come out of Oswald's


Oswald was working for the "Fair Play for Cuba" Committee. We have met and

fought this gang of swine personally, several times, - and can testify that

they are the filthiest, vilest, most treasonable and vicious gang of reds in

the Country. But more important, the Castroites are the nucleus of the ''civil

rights" movement! On April 6, 1960, the "Committee" was launched by an ad in

the New York Times, a full page, - paid for with Red Cuban money! At the top

of the list of sponsors for this vile ad on behalf of treason is the name,

"James Baldwin", the repulsive, black sexual-pervert "author". The rest of the

list contains NAACP luminaries, and, perhaps even more important, big shots in

the American Civil Liberties Union The head of the Fair Play Committee in L.A.

and a national Co-chairman is Jew A. L. Wirin, - who is also the head of the

L. A. ACLU! The head of the vile Castro committee was the Jew, V. T. "Lee"

(Tappin), who also turns out to be the Secretary of the ACLU in Tampa,


A trial of Oswald would have driven into the consciousness of America the

unspeakable treason of these people who keep pulling off the same old

Communist trick of calling violent Communist terrorists "reformers" until

these murderers have seized control of pro-American, Christian governments as

Castro did to Batista and Mao Tse Tung did to Chiang Kai-shek - after which

the filthy Red fakers in America moan and wring their hands at their

"betrayal" by these hard-core Communists who always seem to "fool' these

trusting 'lovers of "civil liberties" and "civil rights".

Just a few weeks before the President's assassination our government, with the

help of these pro-Communists, civil libertarian creeps, snubbed and insulted

pro-American, Christian Madame Nhu. Then the Viet Nam communist "reformers"

brutally assassinated her husband and set the stage for the present crazy

Viet-Nam war!

Daily exposure of all of this would have been inevitable in any trial of

Oswald. And such daily exposures would have inevitably and finally aroused the

American people to the deadly facts about Communism and the "civil rights"

Black Horror which we of the right wing have been trying so hard to warn


In short, the trial of Oswald would have been a fatal blow to the Communist

conspiracy in America. It would have been utterly impossible for Martin Luther

King, Queer James Baldwin, A. Philip Randolph, Queer Bayard Rustin and the

rest of the "liberal" and "civil rights" Jew and Negro leaders who have

infiltrated even our churches to continue their deadly but creeping Communist

revolution in America.

Oswald had to go.

And he went. He was gunned down in typical gangland fashion by a man typical

of Jewish "Murder. Inc."

Immediately after the assassination, three honest groups were preparing to

investigate: The Texas Attorney General, the F. B. I., and the U. S. Congress.

Such honest investigations were intolerable to the Reds. On December 9, 1963,

only eleven days after the assassination, the Communist Worker newspaper had

the gall to demand that these three honest investigations be forbidden, and

the outrage investigated only by Earl Warren.

Three days later, the President of the United States obliged the Worker, did

exactly as the Communists demanded, and, on December 12, 1963, called off the

other three investigations, and ordered Earl Warren to "investigate", - even

though Warren had rushed into print within moments after the shooting, with

the pre-judged statement that "Hate killed Kennedy", - precisely the phrase

used by the Communists, - and every red in America and all over the world!

Warren "investigates" by hiding much of the record for seventy-five years, and

actually burns much critical evidence, (such as the autopsy report on the dead

President's body!)

With unbelievable arrogance, almost the whole press and publishing industry is

diligently helping to spread a gigantic smoke screen being thrown up around

the assassination, with the eventual aim of shifting the blame on the

anti-communist movement, the way it was originally planned.

Only two years after even the Communist Worker's choice for chief

investigator, Earl Warren, had to admit that the assassination was the product

of a COMMUNIST, four leftist authors, Mark Lane, Joachim Joesten, Harold

Weissberg and Jay Epstein, (all four of them Jewish), are peddling books of

the most sophist "reasoning", casting doubt on the inescapable fact that it

was Oswald who shot the President. They have manufactured "extra bullets",

"grassy knolls", "contradictory" testimony, etc., and very cleverly left out

all the damning facts which leave NO doubt that Oswald did it. (And,

unfortunately, there are many conspiracy-buffs in the anti-communist side who

are actually cooperating with these Jewish smoke-screen operators).

But it is not the books of these men themselves, which are worthy of note in

studying how our charts are forged. By themselves, the books would expire of

their own weaknesses.

It is the constant top coverage given these books by book reviewers, TV

interview shows, newsstand operators, etc., which have shoved them down the

throat of the public. I have studied them carefully, and there are no two ways

about it, - they are devilish, if slick, - lies. Any careful student of any

one of them knows this immediately. Yet they are given enormous publicity and

dignity by editors, interviewers and publishers.

What they are up to is a game they have played many times.

When a fact is impossible to get around or cover up, -the liars and

chart-forgers help each other throw up an enormous smoke-screen. These

assassination books are that smoke screen. They are given such dignity and

publicity that before long, most Americans, WHO WILL NEVER READ THE BOOKS, -

will begin to believe that the Oswald theory is thoroughly discredited. It's

the same technique they used with the facts of RACE. Whenever anybody tries to

bring the obvious inequality of human groups into question, the chart-forgers

and liars chant, "the claim that there is any such a thing as 'race' has been

thoroughly 'discredited'!" they intone together. "Nobody believes that race

myth anymore." But they have never actually discredited it, - merely covered

it with smoke and finally mud.

Now they are doing the same thing with the fact that a COMMUNIST shot the

president, - they are promoting a great, manufactured hue and cry that there

is a lot of doubt that Oswald did it. Before long, we will be told that,

"There's so much doubt now, about the Oswald theory, that nobody believes that

anymore." And the last step is to start referring to it as the "discredited

Oswald theory".

They create an artificial bedlam all around the truth, then they point to

their OWN bedlam and smoke screen to "prove" that nobody believes the truth


These arrogant chart-forgers are getting away with it, too, because too few

people are willing to do the research homework to track down their massive


As will be shown in later chapters, the chart-forgers have utterly blacked out

of the minds of our people whole areas of human knowledge, (such as the fact

of race), they have made "patriots" out of our outright enemies, and enemies

out of patriots whom they have smeared as "extremists" and "bigots", they have

filled the minds of our youth with such lies and madness that vast numbers of

them have become LSD-crazed drug addicts and anti-social "hippies", reds and

moral-degenerates. They have filled the minds of Negroes with the fanatic

belief that Negroes have unlimited rights and no duties. They have turned

millions of once-self-reliant Americans into Federal dependents sucking

frantically on the public teat. They have poisoned American history with

suspicions of the motives of our heroes, slyly implying that they were

lechers, profiteers and "haters". They have made the great virtues of duty,

faith, work and honor the butt of ridicule, especially among youth. They have

actually gotten inside religion, and promoted endless outright lies as the

"new Christianity". The list of the lies they have spread among us could fill

the rest of the book, but this should be enough to show the deadly PATTERN.

Why has anybody gone to such trouble to build a lie machine and then peddle

such enormous lies to million of us?

What has anybody to gain by piling Western Civilization and our American

Republic up on the rocks?

Who wants to turn us into a race of brown, communized mongrels, with heads

full of lies?

WHO seeks to do such evil things, and for what evil purpose?

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Lee, have you got a date and place for this speech?

Hi John.

It's a selection from his book, 'White Power,' which appears to have been published prior to his death - so around 1967. It's almost as if Rockwell is revealing the original Patsy plan, and having to explain it.

Interesting the way that he died.

- lee

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Anyone snag this one before it was pulled? Fermin GOICOECHEA only has about 6 hits at NARA, depending upon how well you mispell his name. Interesting that this is one of them.

Hit 1 of 1



RECORD NUMBER : 180-10078-10078





FROM : [No From]

TO : [No To]


DATE : 03/26/1965

PAGES : 21








DATE OF LAST REVIEW : 07/22/1993

COMMENTS : Tabbed 183-20. Box 183.

This one still appears to be available. Wonder what was on George's mind.


RECORD NUMBER : 180-10003-10318








TITLE : [No Title]

DATE : 11/27/1963







DATE OF LAST REVIEW : 03/23/1993

COMMENTS : Follows agency file #236 (2 after). Box 1. Folder

Title: Section 3 [170-269].

- lee

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There's a note in MSC files from Washington where the writer states that Rockwell gets along with the FBI by supplying ANP records and books(image a collage of MSC files re "rockwells men")

Edited by John Dolva
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There's a note in MSC files from Washington where the writer states that Rockwell gets along with the FBI by supplying ANP records and books(image a collage of MSC files re "rockwells men")

I have sifted through some of Rockwell's writing's concerning November 22. 1963. There is a website that has his material on the subject but the URL escapes me. I don't think it turns up on Google or Altavista, but it can be found using a beta search engine. Quite frankly, I don't know what to make of it.

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Hi Robert - Here's Rockwell on propaganda, and some other stuff.


I have a feeling that someone is going to take some offense at this material - and possibly request that I cease and desist posting on it - but I think it is valuable, and that a lot can be gleaned from it.

George Lincoln Rockwell, whose Arlington (Virginia) name and address were in Lee Harvey Oswald's address book at the time of his (Oswald’s) arrest.

This leads me to wonder again about the possible use of 'temporary swap-out' Virginia license plates in the operation. Anyway, it was reading T. Casey Brennan stuff that made me think it would be wise to at least create a thread on Rockwell.


CONJURELLA NOTES: MAMAGANDA I by T. Casey Brennan These are notes on Conjurella, which you can find at: http://www.io.com/~hambone/mail/conjurella.html CONJURELLA is true, but I want people to think I'm lying. Basicly what happened is this: David Ferrie wanted children to experiment on; turn them into assassins, agents, and the like, same as what they were doing in Asia at the time. He said he didn't want to pay them because "they'll think they run it then". He chose me and Linda (she was firing from another window in the Texas Book Depository Building). Linda's step-father at that time was my uncle, the late John Goodrich, of Columbus, Ohio. Her mother was my Aunt Bonnie. They lived very poorly, and I remember that there was a lady who lived upstairs we called Mamaganda. As far as I know, Mamaganda was the first person murdered over David Ferrie's plan to make Linda and me shoot John Kennedy. Another, amazingly, was George Lincoln Rockwell. Here's why that happened: to explain this thing that they were doing, whatever it was, with laboratories, and rows and rows of children in front of computers with needles sticking in them, they said they were planning a SECRET INVASION OF CUBA. Now, THAT is what Lee thought was happening, and, whatever else you may have heard about him, that is what he was damned well for: invading Cuba. (The stuff they were doing with kids bothered him, however, and THAT was what he told Tippit before his death.) Rightists like George Lincoln Rockwell and Major General Edwin Walker were supposed to have some kind of role drumming up support for Beachhead Cuba, among the people that David Ferrie was fooling. Walker wouldn't help at all, so David Ferrie ordered Lee to shoot AT him (and missed) to scare him. Rockwell must have done something or other because later, when he went to see the Nation of Islam, he told Malcolm X that I had shot John Kennedy, and even called me by name. Coloring it to fit his own philosophy, he (Rockwell) told Malcolm that "Jew doctors" were creating a plague to kill all the blacks, and had already started infecting babies with it. The "Jew doctor" was Dr. J.H. Earnshaw (a Dutchman) and company; to Rockwell, damned near everybody in the world was a Jew. Anyway, Malcolm X thought it was just a screwball Nazi theory, but THAT's what got Rockwell killed.

Very bizarre.

I don't know what to make of this site below. It reminds me of the 'Castro Super Mole' article. It seems to suggest that Rockwell's parents, upbringing, closest relationships, etc., were all somehow Jewish.


Rockwell's Kennedy-like demise from Wikipedia:


At 12:20 p.m. EDT on August 25, 1967, Rockwell was pulling his blue and white 1958 Chevrolet from a parking space in front of the automat coin laundry when two shots were fired by a sniper on the roof of the Dominion Hills Centre strip mall. Rockwell attempted to avoid the shots by jumping into the passenger side of the vehicle. Both shots went through the windshield, hitting him in the head and chest. Rockwell struggled out the passenger door and died on the blacktop next to his car.

Shortly after the shooting, twenty-nine year old John Patler was arrested and charged with Rockwell's murder. He had been seen jumping off of the rear of the shopping center by nearby residents. He abandoned his Mauser semi-automatic in a park creek several blocks away and was seen waiting at a bus stop at Washington Boulevard and North Inglewood Street by an Arlington, Virginia police inspector who recognized Patler as an associate of Rockwell. When the officer questioned Patler, he ran but was quickly arrested and held under heavy guard in the Arlington County Jail.

Patler, who had legally changed his name from John C. Patsalos, had been a captain in the American Nazi Party and was Rockwell's editor of the party's newsletter, The Stormtrooper. Patler was an early member of Rockwell's organization and some considered him to be a co-founder of the party. In the first print edition of Rockwell's autobiography, This Time the World, Patler was featured in the opening page, shown in a photograph carrying the party flag; this was edited out in subsequent editions.

After the murder, Matt Koehl informed reporters that Patler had been expelled from the group in April of that year due to his "Bolshevik leanings". The primary accusation was that he was inserting Marxist propaganda into the newsletter of the party, The Stormtrooper.

Many former lieutenants of Rockwell had broken away from Rockwell's group to form "The White Party" only months before his assassination; they stood up in a campaign that maintained Patler's innocence. In December 1967, John Patler was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for the murder of George Lincoln Rockwell

For some time, numerous conspiracy theories have circulated that like Lee Harvey Oswald, Patler was simply a patsy for the FBI, the Jewish Veterans and Rockwell's competitors.

Oddly The Fuehrer Is Associated With A Jewish Front – “ Nation of Islam “

In the middle of his campaign he focuses on Blacks – wants to ship them back to Africa. Oddly he becomes friends with Malcome X a Jewish front man. neo-Nazi and the other a black separatist - apparently got along well and agreed that blacks and whites simply did not belong together


Subject: Robert Surrey and the ANP

From: jpshinley@my-dejanews.com

Date: 2/24/99 8:04 AM Eastern Standard Time

Message-id: <7b0tch$h0v$1@nnrp1.dejanews.com>

The Warren Commission conducted an investigation into the circumstances surrounding "the appearance of the 'Wanted for Treason' handbill on the streets of Dallas 1 to 2 days before President Kennedy's arrival. These handbills bore a reproduction of a front and profile photograph of the President and set forth a series of inflammatory charges against him. Efforts to locate the author and the lithography printer of the handbill at first met with evasive responses and refusals to furnish information. Robert A. Surrey was eventually identified as the author of the handbill. Surrey, a 38-year old printing salesman employed by Johnson Printing Co. of Dallas, Tex. has been closely associated with General [Edwin A.] Walker for several years in his political and business activities." (Warren Commision Report, GPO edition, p. 298)


A Federal Bureau of Investigation monograph, dated June, 1965, on the American Nazi Party (ANP) of George Lincoln Rockwell reports the following concerning the organization of the ANP in Texas:


There are reportedly two ANP groups operating in Dallas, Texas. One, headed by a printing salesman named Robert A. Surrey, is made up of people who do not want their affiliation with the ANP to become publicly known. It is alleged that about 30 persons attend weekly meetings of this group in Surrey's home. The other group, whose meetings reportedly are attended by four persons, is headed by Jerald Thomas Walraven and openly participates in various demonstrations. Surrey is alleged to be the Dallas leader of the ANP, while Walraven is merely a "group commander." (p. 42)


To my knowledge, the Warren Commission was not aware of Surrey's link to the ANP, which may not have developed until after the assassination.-

Another indication of Nazi activity in Dallas was reported in the Dallas Morning News for April 16, 1963, section 1, page 5. "Decals of the black Nazi swastika on a flaming red background and the words 'We Are Back' were found plastered on windows of about a dozen downtown Dallas stores [of Jewish merchants] Monday morning." General Walker suggested to the Dallas police that there might be a connection between the swastika incident and the shot fired at him on April 10. (CE 2001, 24 H 42)


On the evening of November 22, 1963, Ken Elliot reported the following to the FBI in New Orleans:


[Elliot] said he had learned from an unrecalled source that General WALKER of Dallas, Texas, has been visiting in the New Orleans area in the past few days and that General Walker is a close associate of a ... radio announcer, CHARLES RAY. He said ... that RAY is considered by him to be a rabid segregationist and also an advocate of GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL. He said he "had heard" from an unrecalled source that ROCKWELL was supposed to be in the New Orleans area in the last few days. (FBI New Orleans Field Office File on the ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY, serial 89-69-56)


A New Orleans FBI report, dated December 31, 1962, on the topic of the American Nazi Party, indicates that a Dan Campbell, an employee of Guy Banister, claimed to be knowledgeable about certain activities of George Lincoln Rockwell and his New Orleans associates. (Serial 105-70374-1749) Banister was an object of interest in the Garrison probe, and has been alleged to have been personally acquainted with Lee Harvey Oswald. Dan Campbell identified Colonel Bluford Balter and "Ray J. Leahardt" as New Orleans associates of Rockwell. The New Orleans Field Office file on Lee Harvey Oswald, contains an interview with "Ray James Leahart" dated December 16, 1963, which I have not yet reviewed. The New Orleans Times-Picayune for May 25, 1961, section 1, page 10, reports that a "Ray L. Leahart" was arrested along with George Lincoln Rockwell and nine ANP members from Arlington, Virginia. Among those arrested were Roy James, who would criminally assault Martin Luther King in 1962, and John Patler, who would be convicted of shooting Rockwell himself in 1967.


Jerry Shinley

Some politically incorrect writings on the topic.


Why Kennedy Was Killed

Robert Burns aka James Mason

In 1918 sons were born to two well-to-do New England families. John F. Kennedy

and George Lincoln Rockwell. Their times and lives would bear a great many

similarities and both would end in assassination. Both went into politics

following their military careers. Both were killed by the same forces. It is

the reasons why - as they were totally opposite - which contain the secret to


Joseph P. Kennedy made his fortune through the bootlegging of liquor during

Prohibition. With this new-found wealth he sought to parlay it into political

power. His intention was to buy the office of president for his eldest son,

Joe, Jr. But he was killed in the Second World War. It then fell to the second

son, John.

George Lovejoy Rockwell was headlining comedian in Vaudeville also during the

same period, later becoming a successful newspaper columnist. Both the elder

Kennedy and Rockwell were intimates with many of the Hollywood crowd of that

day. However, "Doc" Rockwell harbored no overweening ambition for his first

son, Lincoln, or "Link, " though he did display many of his father's own

talents toward showmanship - and leadership.

Kennedy, attending Harvard, and Rockwell attending Brown, both enlisted in the

U.S. Navy in the Second World War. Kennedy, due to his later political fame is

remembered for being in charge of P.T. 109 as an ensign in the Pacific Theater

of War. Rockwell, never a media darling is unknown of having coordinated the

air support for the retaking of Guam, also in the Pacific, as a lieutenant


Both men had first wives from whom they were divorced in the early 1950's.

However, as for Kennedy being a Catholic an heading for national politics, it

was left up to his father's fortune to not only grease the path but to hush it

up as Americans then were not receptive to such things. Both men married a

second time.

Kennedy was officially launched into politics in the way that had already by

then became essentially the only way if one were to seriously expect any

"success": Through the influence of money and through selling out his

services to the powers that existed behind the scenes. Rockwell entered upon

a career as a commercial artist even as he raised a large family.

Here was the great divide.

What Kennedy was selling out to in order to achieve personal prestige,

Rockwell was only then beginning to uncover the true nature of to his alarm

and dismay. Not for personal reasons did Rockwell enter politics, but in

order to save his country and his people from the hidden World Enemy. For

Kennedy, it was a game, a "job." For Rockwell, it was a duty, a calling.

Up the ladder from congressman to senator, Kennedy was groomed as the

Democratic candidate for president in 1960. The previous year, Rockwell after

a nine-year career as a political conservative, decided it was time to come

all the way out and announced his forming of the American Nazi Party.

As Kennedy was being carefully promoted for the nation's highest office, it

was required of him to play down his associations with the likes of Sammy

Davis, Jr., and his White wife, Mai Brit, as the American people still

solidly rejected such things. The people couldn't know the real nature of the

man chosen for them as their new "leader." For he was chosen to lead them in

a direction they did not want to go.

Rockwell, already announcing himself as presidential candidate for the year

1972, as a National Socialist, expounded a program of the most stringent

anti- Marxism in all of it's many guises, including "democracy" and

"liberalism", with greatest emphasis upon racial solidarity and exposure of

undue and hidden Jewish influence within the American body-politic. As one

who recalls the times very well, this is what was in the hearts of the

people, not the kind of world - which now engulfs us - that Kennedy was put

in harness to produce against the wishes of the people.

Of course the balance was struck by, the power of the Media - owned and

operated as it was and still is - by Jews and their puppets. What represented

the actual will of the people and that which in their best national interests

was labelled as "bad" and "evil" by the opinion-forming media which was in the

hands of their worst enemies. While that which represented national decay and

death only a few generations away was being hailed as everything "good" and


Rockwell knew what he was doing as he launched into his openly Nazi career: He

was literally sacrificing his life for his people in a desperate attempt to

awaken them form the death sleep which they had been lulled into. Poverty and

slander were to be his lot for the next nine years.

Kennedy, too, had some idea what he was doing by selling out to the power of

the Jews: Committing the most foul treason imaginable against the very people

he was sworn to serve. But while he lived, he experienced the kind of riches

and "reward" that the power of Mammon can bestow.

Climbing no ladders, making no deals Rockwell immersed himself in a non-stop

campaign to awaken the American people - who were essentially leaderless

against a world conspiracy which was making it's headquarters here in the

United States - to the deadly danger that was fast enveloping them even as

they savored their Post War prosperity. Few saw or felt the "need" as they

escaped into their own materialism and into the suburbs.

Kennedy, first selling out to the Jews, had at the last minute enlist the aid

of the Mafia in order to swing enough labor union votes to barely ease out

Richard Nixon in the national election. As his first act as president, Kennedy

withheld air support form the Cuban anti-Communist effort known as the "Bay of

Pigs", causing it to fail and leaving Fidel Castro in power. Here he earned

some of his first deadly enemies.

That done, the media arranged a face-saving, incident known as the "Cuban

Missile Crisis." The upshot of that was, while the American people were held

in terror of a nuclear war, the stage was set for the "deal" whereby the

United States would remove it's strategic missiles from Turkey if the Soviet

Union would remove theirs from Cuba. So the Communists gained the island of

Cuba and succeeded in getting the U.S. missiles out of Turkey. Some "great

achievement." Some "hero."

All throughout, at each step along the way, Rockwell would expose all of this

within his own tiny and struggling Party publication whose circulation held to

within the thousands by the terrific and unrelenting officially declared press

blackout. The people basically never knew what was being done to them.

Second only to hidden, alien conspiracy in control of society's working as the

upper-most issue, was it's own primary thrust via the national power it had

illegitimately usurped: The policy of racial integration. Here was where the

people were feeling it and were openly rebelling. All across the country but,

most especially in the South.

Following the military loss of the Civil War the South continued a guerrilla

struggle on against it's federal occupiers in order to maintain White society

and to drive out the "carpetbaggers" - as General Grant himself identified

them, mainly Jews from the North come to prey upon the prostrate South. The

valiant efforts of the original Ku Klux Klan succeeded in doing just that by


And so the South and the nation maintained a delicate balance for the next

century under the "separate but equal" system of "Jim Crow", or racial

segregation. An impossible situation demanding resolution, waiting for the

other shoe to drop.

Kennedy's predecessor Eisenhower, had already used the National Guard to force

racial integration of schools of Little Rock, Arkansas. Government now once

again the enemy of the people. In a unified sign of protest against the

invasion of sovereignty, many of the Southern states incorporated the Battle

Flag of the Confederacy into their own state flags. The Ku Klux Klan

experienced a dramatic revival as it appeared the people were preparing to


This vicious campaign Kennedy inherited just as he had inherited Cuba and,

also, Vietnam. Coming more into light all the time is the documentation that

Kennedy was planning the complete U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam, to certainly

be accomplished by his second term in office. This would have upset anti-

Communists as well as those in control of the military-industrial complex who

stood to gain - or lose - an unimaginable fortune. More deadly enemies.

No sooner than elected, Kennedy put his younger brother, Robert, in the

office of Attorney General. Immediately, Bobby Kennedy betrayed their

erstwhile allies of organized crime and went after the Mafia and organized

Labor. Particularly one powerful and independent anti-Communist branch, the

Teamsters Union and their leader, James Hoffa. In a secret meeting with

George Lincoln Rockwell, Hoffa explained that it was this very independence

that had caused him to be singled out by Kennedy.

More enemies.

Word now is that Kennedy sought to place the blame for the "Bay of Pigs" on

the C.I.A. and supposedly was overheard to have said he intended to disband

the organization and "smash it to bits." Not good.

All this plus a vice president - the powerful but uncharismatic Lyndon Johnson

- who hated and resented him, a "young upstart" who hadn't paid his dues. The

money and power brokers know they can depend on an endless line of those who

are ready and willing to sell out in order to advance themselves. Not good,


But this is not what killed Kennedy.

It was his foot-dragging, his apparent reluctance, as "moral leader" of the

racial integration program which, first angered and, and then alarmed his

masters. All of the rest could have been in check for they all shared - and

share - the same master: The Sanhedrin, the Kehilla, the Illuminati - World


George Lincoln Rockwell was not the only former U.S. military officer who had

come to the conclusion that, to quote Rockwell, "every thing that we had

fought for in the War was being turned over to the Communists." These were

the days when Jewish Hollywood was turning out such viciously anti-military

films as "Seven Days in May" and "Doctor Strangelove." The Jews still hated

and feared the military. Kennedy had been military and was looking


The time-honored Jewish solution: Murder.

In newly-released White House footage, a bug-eyed and physically ugly Kennedy

can be seen and overhead in telephone conversation with Southern governors,

pleading with them to "play along" with him in his monstrously treacherous

plan to sell the American people out "nice n easy", without confrontation.

Somehow however, this was not suiting the Jewish plan. They wanted boldness.

They needed a coup d' etat of their own to forestall the one they felt was on

the way from the reactionary military unless the deadlock was soon broken.

Everyone now knows what a conspiracy was behind the actual assassination of

Kennedy. A masterful job of "damage control" on the part of the media is the

significant thing, not the killing of a head of state.

Of all the elements that rightfully could have wanted Kennedy dead, the only

one not having a hand in his death was the very one he had most grievously

damaged: White America. It was therefore decided the assassination would be

staged in Dallas - a Right Wing hot-bed - and would be blamed on the "Racist

Right" in order to literally kill two birds with one stone: Remove Kennedy and

swing public passion against all forms of reaction. A veritable "Pearl Harbor"

repeat at home.

One patsy, one low-level operative in the huge conspiracy was inadvertently

apprehended. Otherwise nothing could have stopped the wave of hysteria and

backlash upon which the plans of the Jews would have ridden like a steamroller

over all opposition. But there was Oswald and Oswald had a Communist

background. The assassination was in deadly danger of backfiring if Oswald

should talk. The backlash would have been against the conspiracy.

Jack Ruby (Jacob Rubinstein), Oswald's immediate superior within the

conspiracy, who had a record not only in organized crime but the Communist

movement, whose apartment Oswald had been enroute to at the Dallas Police

Station and then, as soon as Oswald indicated he was willing to talk, moved in

to kill him in the old fashioned "Murder, Inc." way.

The terrific discipline on the part of the media, that Ruby was a "distraught

Kennedy admirer acting out his grief for Mrs. Kennedy" and Ruby's own great

discipline in sacrificing his own life in the name of his rotten "cause." A

perfect example of the kind of grip of absolute terror which this nation and

the world is in. All these sell-out "leaders" know the same awaits them should

they ever break rank.

More sobering, the unbelievable control wielded by the conspiracy by which a

thing like the Kennedy assassination and it's subsequent cover up could be

orchestrated, utilizing each of the huge elements - Mafia, CIA, FBI, Dallas

Police, Cubans, the media and his own vice president - all of them powers in

their own right, as though they were mere marionettes. An "open" and "free"

society? An illusion of monumental proportions.

Murder and cover-up had been part and parcel of Kennedy's presidency all

along. Marilyn Monroe, killed before she could blow the whistle on both

Kennedy and his brother, Bobby, now that she was pregnant by one of them. The

president of South Vietnam, Diem, when he chose not to sell out his own

people as Kennedy was suggesting. Now it was Kennedy's own turn.

The part of the plan that was kept to was the deification of their own throw-

away boy. Kennedy was seen to be of more use to them dead than alive - an

automatic warrant of death for any who so carelessly permits such a situation

to develop. Onto the U.S. half dollar, Cape Canaveral renamed for the time

being "Cape Kennedy," in New York, Idyllwild Airport renamed "Kennedy

International." Boulevards and buildings across the country named for Kennedy.

He still turns up at flea markets on day-glo tapestries, along with Elvis

Presley - Kings of the Unthinking.

More to the point, now Lyndon Johnson could stand up in Congress and solemnly

intone the phrase that the best and most fitting way the representatives of

the nation could honor the fallen, beloved president was by enacting without

delay all the "Civil Rights" legislation that had been piling up until then.

Johnson could be photographed shaking hands with the scoundrel, Martin Luther

King (soon to be murdered by the same people for the same reason) Whereas

Kennedy could never himself countenance such a thing.

And the nation got Vietnam.

The greater portion of all this was laid out and published in the Rockwell

Report even before the year 1963 was out. Way ahead of all the "Jim

Garrisons" and "Oliver Stones." However the press stanglehold still held and

people never knew. Sometimes pieces of the lie do come out but not before it

is too late for anyone to react appropriately.

On August 25th, 1967, near his Arlington, Virginia, headquarters, George

Lincoln Rockwell was shot and killed in ambush by a sniper. One "Oswald" type

was convicted of the crime. As he did not make the mistake of talking, he

lived to see freedom again. The conspiracy trails lead off in two separate

directions and taper off into thin air. Hardly of any true importance. It was

one more System hit.

But Rockwell was killed because he had taken his stand against the conspiracy

and was approaching success. His gradual, grudging breakthroughs against the

media blackout, his warm receptions before college audiences, his recent

"Great White March" in Chicago the year before. And the rumor that certain

high- ranking military leaders were about to come out openly in support of

Rockwell - Marine Corps General "Chesty" Puller among them caused the

conspiracy to act once again.

Rockwell's successor group quickly devolved into a cult of personality, and

faded away. While, during the 1970's, the truly patriotic an nationalistic

leaders were retired ahead of their time and replaced by more pliable and

willing "politically correct" career stooges.

Meanwhile the process has continued uninterrupted while the media keeps

everyone asleep and docile.

Two lives, two careers, two deaths.

So parallel yet so divergent.

Part of the world just beneath the surface that you are not allowed to see.

Universal Order

Nagell in his letter to Arturo...

Are you aware that a Duesseldorf record company has come out with just the thing for any German who wants to relive the heady days of Nazi victory? It is two long-playing phonograph records called, "From the Fuehrer's Headquarters (Aus dem Fuehrerhauptquartier)." Billed as documentary records, they are comprised of victory announcements and special bulletins from the Nazi high command, military music and soldier's songs, Nazi songs and speeches. A booming voice discloses the Nazis are fighting for the German nation and the security of Europe "against the . . . plot of the Jewish-Anglo Saxon warmongers . . . and against the . . . Jewish rulers of the Bolshevik central in Moscow."

(Now where did he get that? What does all this gobbledygook mean, anyway? Could this be an important lead? . . . I mean there is this thing about doing business with the Military-Industrial Complex, you know.)


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Nagell in his letter to Arturo...

Are you aware that a Duesseldorf record company has come out with just the thing for any German who wants to relive the heady days of Nazi victory? It is two long-playing phonograph records called, "From the Fuehrer's Headquarters (Aus dem Fuehrerhauptquartier)." Billed as documentary records, they are comprised of victory announcements and special bulletins from the Nazi high command, military music and soldier's songs, Nazi songs and speeches. A booming voice discloses the Nazis are fighting for the German nation and the security of Europe "against the . . . plot of the Jewish-Anglo Saxon warmongers . . . and against the . . . Jewish rulers of the Bolshevik central in Moscow."

(Now where did he get that? What does all this gobbledygook mean, anyway? Could this be an important lead? . . . I mean there is this thing about doing business with the Military-Industrial Complex, you know.)



1. The Czarist Russian, Eastern European and Middle East exile organization called SOLIDARISTS, headed by Ferenc Nagy, ex-Hungarian Premier, and John DeMenil, Russian exile from Houston, Texas, a close friend and supporter of Lyndon Johnson for over thirty years.

2. A section of the AMERICAN COUNCIL OF CHRISTIAN CHURCHES headed by H.L. Hunt of Dallas, Texas.

3. A Cuban exile group called FREE CUBA COMMITTEE headed by Carlos Prio Socarras, ex-Cuban President.

4. An organization of United States, Caribbean, and Havana, Cuba gamblers called the Syndicate headed by Clifford Jones, ex-Lieutenant Governor of Nevada and Democratic National Committeeman, and Bobby Baker of Washington, D.C. This group worked closely with a Mafia family headed by Joe Bonnano.

5. The SECURITY DIVISION of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) headed by Wernher Von Braun, head of the German Nazi rocket program from 1932 through 1945. Headquarters for this group was the DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL SECURITY COMMAND at Muscle Shoals Redstone Arsenal in Alabama and on East Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio.

Well - that would tie in Soviets, Cubans, Maffia and Nazi's quite nicely. How does Reilly tie to NASA?



William B. Reilly, a wholesale grocer from Monroe, started a revolution in the coffee world in 1903. He thought that shoppers would rather buy his ground, roasted and ready-to-brew Luzianne White Label Coffee than roast and grind store-bought beans. He also sold Luzianne tea. Today, the company is the second-largest independent coffee company in the United States. William B. Reilly and Co. also owns Standard Coffee, which distributes java to offices and restaurants nationwide and makes CDM coffee and chickory.



On May 10, 1963, OSWALD started work at the William B. Reilly Coffee Company at 640 Magazine Street, oiling coffee grinding equipment for $1.50 an hour. On May 10, 1963, Ruth Paine drove Marina and June Oswald to New Orleans, where they arrived on May 11, 1963. OSWALD had his and his family's mail forwarded from Post Office Box 2915 Dallas to 4907 Magazine Street, New Orleans, on May 12, 1963. He lived at 4905 Magazine Street.

Ayep....Might be great to see this whole bit in English.


Oswald arbeitet vom 9.5. bis 19.7.63 in der Nähe von Banisters Büro im Kaffee-en-gros-Geschäft William B. Reilly Company als Kellerwart. William Reilly finanziert das Crusade to Free Cuba Committee von Arcacha und das Information Council of the Americas von Alton Ochsner und Edward Scannel Butler. Gleichzeitig mit Oswald beginnt dort auch der ehemalige FBI-Agent William I. Monaghan, der vorher bei Standard Fruit gearbeitet hat und Mitglied des INCA ist. Das INCA spielt eine wichtige Rolle bei der Verleumdung Oswalds als "kommunistischem Propagandisten". Carlos Bringuier, ebenfalls ein Mitglied der INCA, propagiert die "Kommunistenzugehörigkeit" Oswalds über das Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil. Butler veröffentlicht zu Beginn der Garrison-Untersuchung die "kommunistischen" Vernetzungen Oswalds. Monaghan verlässt die Firma ebenfalls, als Oswald gefeuert wird


Oswald left the photography job for for one with Reilly Coffee, which lasted two and a half months before he was fired. Oswald told the manager of a garage neighboring the coffee company that he had "found his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow," with an expected new job at NASA in New Orleans. Although he instead went to work at the School Book Depository, four co-workers at Reilly who specifically knew and worked with Oswald, got jobs at New Orleans NASA within weeks of his departure.

Another Reilly worker who moved over to NASA knew David Ferrie, and a friend of his, Melvin Coffee, spelled "Coffey" in the Torbitt Document, eventually found employment at Cape Kennedy. [19]

(Remember, too, that Michael Paine, whose wife rented a room to Oswald, worked for Bell Aerospace, where Walter Dornburger served as an officer.)

Paris Flammonde suggests that one of the people Richard Geisbrecht overheard David Ferrie talking to at that Winnipeg airport was L. M. Bloomfield, a banker in Montreal with ties to the OSS and possibly the CIA, who sat on the board of the Centro Mondiale Commerciale in Rome along with Clay Shaw. [20] The Torbitt Document details the Bloomfield-Shaw relationship. Flammonde documented Bloomfield's various interests in Le Credit Suisse of Canada, Heineken's Breweries, Canscot Realty, the Israel Continental Company, etc., in footnotes to Italian and Canadian newspapers. Bloomfield's links to the Meyer Lansky crime syndicate and his controlling interest in the Permindex corporation have been the subject of further recent study. [21]

More intriguing, however, is yet another name overheard by Geisbrecht, "Isaacs." The Torbitt Document describes a Harold R. Isaacs as an ex-editor for Newsweek who was the subject of a suppressed Warren Commission document. By 1976 Bernard Fensterwald reported that the suppressed document, an FBI report dated May 22, 1964, that contained information on Marilyn Dorothea Murret, a cousin to Lee Harvey Oswald. The FBI claimed that "Murret was linked in some manner with the . . . apparatus of Professor Harold Isaacs."

According to Fensterwald, Oswald and his family moved in with Murret when he first returned from the Soviet Union and she lived in Japan at the same time Oswald was working with the U2 program at Atsugi. Isaacs was a specialist on Asia and who began work at the Center for International Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1953. [22]

In the mid-1970s a researcher at the National Archives discovered another file labeled with Marilyn Murret's name that contained only background information on Harold Isaacs.

Turns out that Isaacs worked as a journalist in Shanghai in the 1930s and had an indirect link to the Richard Sorge spy ring, the topic of a book written by Charles Willoughby [23], the intelligence chief that Douglas MacArthur used to refer to as his "little fascist". The Canadian businessman Geisbrecht also overheard reference to a Kansas City hotel later learned to be the meeting place for members of the right-wing Minutemen group [24], a group whose California branch was headed by another Willoughby associate, a man named William Gale. [25]

Two final threads on this Torbitt-related web: Douglas MacArthur made reference to an interplanetary threat in comments bracketing the time Werner von Braun made his statements to the press. The first came in October 1955 when Mayor Achille Lauro of Naples reported that the general told him that "he believes that because of the developments of science all the countries on earth will have to unite to survive and to make a common front against attack by people from other planets." [26] By May 1962, MacArthur was including the remarks, plus other comments on the mastery of "cosmic power" that suggest he had also been reading Wilhelm Reich in a public speech he gave before West Point.[27] (Reich had acknowledged MacArthur's previous speech in another notable suppressed text, Contact With Space.)

Secondly, at the time Richard Geisbrecht made his attempt to convey to Jim Garrison what he had overheard at the Winnipeg airport a great UFO flap happened in the area. [28]


The address given in the Torbitt Document (1064 W. Broad St. in

Columbus, Ohio, if memory serves), could have been correct at the time,

but I was there once and it's still a federal building, except I seem to

recall it was a GSA storage facility or something like that. I suppose

it could have some secret offices, but that sounds a little too James

Bondian for my tastes. My friend thinks it's now in Alabama, possibly

at the big Huntsville NASA facility. He also seems to think Disco was

always a NASA thing.

Apparently, Disco was/is a classified aspect of what (I think) was

called the Industrial Security Act of 1957, which mandated that all

contractors doing classified work maintain files and run internal

anti-communist surveillance. You'll find what I'm trying to remember in

Peter Dale Scott's book Deep Politics And The Death of JFK.As you

probably know, Scott proposes the possibility that Oswald became an

internal security dangle, both at JCS in Dallas and Reily in New

Orleans, possibly even at the TSBD, where where another employee, Joe

Molina, was under some sort of investigation.

This would sure explain all those Reilly workers who got jobs at NASA.

Unless I'm mistaken, Linda Hunt notes in Secret Agenda the Lodge Act

of 1950, which made it easier for defense contractors to hire Paperclip

exiles than America citizens. Many of the hired exiles went, of course,

into anti-communist security. This might Oswald's milieu of Soviet

exiles in the DFW area as a Disco thing, not a CIA thing.

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