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Attractive Students and Exam Results

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According to research carried out by Giam Pietro Cipriani of the University of Verona, better looking students have far better performances in exams than other students. The research was based on a study of 885 economics students over a three year period. Their looks were assessed by five professors. The students received a ranking of 1 to 5). For example, those graded 4 for looks achieved a 36% better performance than those graded 2.

A study last year at the London Metropolitan University found that unattractive men earned 15% less than those who were deemed attractive, while plain women earned 11% less than their prettier colleagues.

A Norwegian study has found that good looks can be an advantage in escaping punishment for wrong-doing. The study discovered that good looking people got lighter sentences.

Any suggestions why this should be? Does it tell you anything about your teaching?

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Is it possible that teachers give more help to attractive looking students? Are male teachers more likely to do this than female teachers? Or do attractive students gain more confidence in their all-round abilities?

As an extremely good looking young male I have to say I have found this more of a hindrance than a help in my academic and teaching careers :drive

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