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Your Party asks YOU what you think of the EU

Liz Morris

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Your Party http://www.yourparty.org is non partisan online organisation that promotes greater democracy and greater participation of the British public in our political system.

Launched March this year, Your Party’s first campaign is to undertake the largest and most authoritative survey ever on the on the British public's attitudes, concerns and views about the EU.

Unlike other surveys and opinion polls it's not the usual series of yes /no questions set by politicians or the media. It's a unique - and unbiased - exploration of what people actually want from the EU. (Your Party has no 'party line' on the EU)

The purpose of the survey is not just to find out what people think - its also to give them a real voice in the future of the EU. Using the results of this survey Your Party will lobby EU institutions, political parties, and their MEP candidates, on behalf of the British electorate

Link to the survey below. It has been written to be interesting and provoking and takes 1 -3 minutes depending on whether you chose to do the long or short version.


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