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Invitation to Dave Perry...join the forum

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I am in receipt of an email in which Dave claims I made several

misstatements about him.

If I was wrong on anything I said, I apologize. I CERTAINLY

do not want to be guilty of spreading MISINFORMATION.

I was only repeating things told me by Gary Mack, Gary Shaw,

Larry Howard, Jim Marrs, Gus Russo and others. I should not

rely solely on hearsay. I hope everything I say is true.

Among several "errors" he pointed out:

1. Posner was NOT his houseguest, but stayed at a nearby hotel.

But he was "helpful" to the Poz while he was in Dallas.

2. He and Russo were not college classmates, but met after college.

(I think it was Russo who called me and asked if he could come to my

house and see my slide show, and asked whether it was all right if

he brought "a college friend", a red-head named Dave. Being more

trusting in those days, I said sure. I spent about 4 hours showing

Gus and Dave my slide show; I entertained them very well, and

they turned on me and spit on my hospitality. I took "college friend"

to mean they went to college together, an erroneous assumption.)

3. It was only by chance that Dave became a neighbor of Wesley

Buell Frazier in Grapevine. They never discuss the JFK case, only

baseball, since both are baseball fans.

4. Dave had other complaints which I will not list; I invite him

to join the forum and continue his crusade for truth and accuracy

instead of speaking only through surrogates. I only want the

truth known about Dave, not mistaken hearsay.

Truth will prevail.


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