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Does anyone know where and how I might find these WC references to Crenshaw by the five doctors and nurses. I would like to deck net-halls

with them along with this Crenshaw and JAMA stuff. An online source of WC would be most Christian.

Nathaniel, this isn't exactly what you asked for, but it might help.

You might try this URL


Regarding Operation Paperclip, In 1990 Mary Ellen Reese released a book entitled

General Reinhard Gehlen: The CIA Connection - George Mason University Press

It is pretty close to a complete chronicle of the entire historical chronology of events as I have seen in one book.


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Guest Tom Scully
The perpetrators deliberately murdered JFK in such a way as to affect our national identity and cohesiveness -- to fracture America's soul. Even the blatancy of their conspiracy was designed to show their "superiority" and our "futility." "They" were doing to the nation what they had been doing to individuals for years.

Looking into the subject of mind-control, one finds that the scope is wide and methods used are sophisticated. Mind control traces its origins to religious institutional use by priesthoods. Techniques of mind control developed in our western culture were field-tested by the Jesuits, certain Vatican groups, and various mystery religions, secret societies and masonic organizations. Methods tested during the Inquisition were refined by Dr. Josef Mengele during the reign of the Third Reich.

After World War II, thousands of Nazi scientists, researchers and administrators were "smuggled" into the United States against direct written orders from President Harry S. Truman, through Operation Sunrise, Operation Blowback, Operation Paperclip and other covert ops.

Soon afterwards, a mind control project called Marionette Programming imported from Nazi Germany was revived under the new name, "Project Monarch." The basic component of the Monarch program is the sophisticated manipulation of the mind, using extreme trauma to induce Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), now known as Disassociative Disorder.

In public testimony submitted to the President's Committee on Radiation, there are amazing allegations of severe torture and inhumane pogroms foisted upon Americans and other citizens, especially as children. These same children were used in radiation experiments. They detail the drug and traumatic methodology of sophisticated mind control. Candy Jones and Cathy O'Brien tell similar stories of brutal mind control experimentation as part of the CIA's MKULTRA program. Many mind control survivors speak of a "Dr. Greene." Some researchers have identified Dr. Greene as the infamous Dr. Mengele.

But mind control programs and assassinations are merely part of a much larger "enterprise" being carried out by an international network of power interests. In 1995, a researcher-lawyer anonymously posted his ten-year investigation of this conspiracy on the Internet. Calling the JFK assassination part of a 50-year conspiracy, he detailed the structure of this international network, which he named "the group." The inner workings and "New World Order" agenda of this group fit snugly with what other researchers have called the Illuminati.

Well, that's an interesting take on things. MONARCH appears to be the one associated most with serious behavior modification - through trauma conditioning, hypnosis, chemicals, etc. Multiple locations throughout the US and Canada have been associated with the training facilities - as per survivors. The ultimate bad guy in Canada appears to have been Cameron Ewen. http://www.raven1.net/cameron.htm Who is the ultimate bad guy in the US?


"Mengele was in Dallas during the killing of JFK, which was achieved by trained Monarch slaves. (In fact, the Beaumont, TX Enterprise on Mon. April 10, ’94 in the Metro Sect. B, on page B cont. to 4b reports that a sworn affidavit exists where a man connects Joseph Mengele with Kennedy’s death and to have seen Mengele at the Texas Book Depository.) Luis Angel Castillo was just one of the Monarch mind-controlled slaves sent to kill JFK on Nov. 22, ’63. A woman from Germany named Mrs. Krebs, along with a host of other programmers, worked with Mengele on the Kennedy assassination."

A bold claim. Mengele is supposed to be confined in Paraguay or someplace at this time - despite the many claims to the contrary by many Monarch survivors - who claimed he was travelling about the US and Canada using a number of aliases and - like Dr. Green, Dr. Black and Father Joseph, for example.


MENGELE told my informant THAT HE personally did the training on Oswald. Location unknown, but we suspect Mexico City in Summer, 1963. [The] CIA gave John Marks [search for Manchurian Candidate] what appears to be a real hokey, perhaps forged or fabricated, "field report" for the initial field test of an unconscious assassin in Mexico City in July, 1963 [see Marks' book, p. 190]. I suspect that if someone can get that file and bust a few balls, they'll find the memo given to Marks in his FOIA litigation was a substitute for one that named Oswald and depicted a successful 'experiment.'

Okay - this writer claims that it was 'successful.' In hindsight, it appears it was anything but? It certainly does not appear to jive with the way Nagell assumed it did. But Nagell was sitting in Prison when it all went down, so his view is based upon his own information, and what he believes might have transpired on the basis of what he knew.

Discovers Patsy undergoing hypnotherapy by ex-ferry pilot named Hairy De Fairy [David Ferrie]. Reports to Abe [unknown] things are for real, yes siree! Abe passes info on to Dirty Dick (and Snerd). Snerd passes info on to Big Mother Busher. Somebody flashes word back for Zero [Nagell] to let go with well-aimed arrow in Patsy's rump . . . leave Yanquis Land, hubba hubba! Zero chickens out day he is to arrow Patsy, six days before Xmas present to be delivered [different plan in Sept]. Pens Abe nasty note. Pens Snerd nastier note. Pens Dirty Dick even nastier note. Also pens note to Boss of Yanquis Land's Main Secret Police Bureau [Hoover], tattles on Xmas Present Caper, tattles on Patsy [Oswald], etc. Burns butt again. Searches in vain for cake of ice to sit on. Winds up in Friendship Province Halfway House [Jail].

End of lead? Not hardly.

Apparently something amiss. Xmas Present Caper does not come off per schedule. Delta Club disintegrates. Bravo Club Xmas Present Committee disintegrates. Abe drops out of sight. Dirty Dick is mum. Snerd crawls back inside Big Mother Busher's womb, dies. De Fairy puts on falseface, hides at 3330 Clubhouse, gets whipped. Director of large pharmaceutical combine gives order for increased production of cyanide capsules. Boss of Main Secret Police Bureau sits in office, drums fingers on desk, waits. Zero is still in Friendship Province Halfway House, getting older . . . if not wiser.

End of lead? . . . Not hardly.

Day of Infamy arrives! Patsy crouched at open window, armed with second-hand crossbow, quiver filled with curare-tipped arrows slung across shoulder. ZIP! ZIP! ZIP! BANG! ZIP! BANG! ZIP! BANG!

End of lead? . . . Not hardly.

Patsy awakens from hypnotic trance. Says, "What am I doing here?" Wonders what cyanide capsule is doing clenched between teeth? Wonders what cloak and dagger is doing on window sill? Wonders why floor of room is lettered with pro-Castor Oil pamphlets? Wonders how chicken bones got in lunch pail? Memory returns. Patsy flees. Refuses ride by former Bravo boyfriend driving by in utility truck bearing Bell Telephone Company markings. Catches bus instead.

The 'curare' tipped arrows bit is curious. I wish I could ask Nagelle what he was implying here. Figuratively speaking - frangible rounds? FMJ rounds dipped in chemicals?

Amazingly, T. Casey Brennan relates the following as non-fiction:


The next thing I remember is David Ferrie yelling "There's the signal!" Immediately, we were hustled into the hallway, with him carrying a suitcase. We walk rapidly down to the second floor. I do not yet know that the President has been shot, in spite of the fact that I've just witnessed it, and participated in it. My head is coming together a little now, and I say groggily that I'd like to see Lee now that we're in Dallas."

"You'll see him," says David Ferrie, then: "Casey, you never believe me on these things, but they don't even remember you. We slipped them something. You'll see."

We see Lee in the halls of the second floor, sweeping. I say, "Hi, Lee!" but he doesn't even look toward me. Immediately, David ferrie starts yelling at him: "I've got some friends here and I'm telling you we're through with you, you dumb sonofabitch, you goddamned fairy, yeah you goddamned fairy..." I don't remember it all, but in the end, David Ferrie pushes Lee in the chest hard. I am embarrassed by this hostility toward a man I intended to meet as a friend. Lee is stoical, tight-lipped, and condescending, like he's just barely putting up with this abuse.

During this, people run by, and a woman yells, "Something's going on out there!"

Lee starts to walk away, and David Ferrie says, "Where are you going?"

Lee says: "I'm going downstairs for a Coke." The altercation with David Ferrie has prevented Lee from learning that the President has been shot.

As Lee walks away, I step forward apologetically, and say. "Er...uh...Lee, the new Justice League comic came out..."

He looks at me blankly, and keeps walking. I feel my face redden. What could I have done wrong?

What's the signal? Dot Dot Dot Dash?

Most of the info, or disinfo as the case may be - that has emerged over time [Factor, for example] does not have Oswald as a shooter that day.


The ambiguous rationale for the MK-Ultra program was the search for the Manchurian Candidate: to study, emulate, and counterbalance communist programs which brainwash people who could be dangerous to our national security. These programs were secret, and masses of MK-Ultra records were destroyed. But some aspects of the program's direct testing have been divulged. CIA executive Morse Allen worked at creating killers under hypnosis on and around Feb. 19, 1954. The CIA planned early in 1954 to hypnotize a man they considered disposable, to get him to make an assassination attempt, be arrested for attempted murder, and be "thereby disposed of.''

A CIA hypnosis study was done by Alden Sears at the University of Minnesota and was moved by Sears to the University of Denver, Colorado. Sears worked to answer the question, "Could a hypnotist induce a totally separate personality? CIA counterintelligence chief James Jesus Angleton, a leader of the British intelligence faction in the American intelligence community, established three goals for the hypnosis program: 1) to induce hypnosis very rapidly in unwitting subjects; 2) to create durable amnesia; and 3) to implant durable and operationally useful post-hypnotic suggestion. A test of rapid hypnosis took place in July 1963. The counterintelligence staff in Washington, D.C. asked the CIA station in Mexico City to find a suitable candidate for a rapid induction experiment. The station proposed a low-level agent, whom the Soviets had apparently doubled. A counterintelligence man flew in from Washington and a hypnotic consultant arrived from California. The experiment was said to have misfired.

According to CIA hypnosis expert Milton Klein, creating a hypnotized "patsy'' is easier than making a totally controlled Manchurian Candidate. The patsy can be induced by hypnosis to do things which later show up as circumstantial evidence that will get him falsely blamed for a crime. Klein has claimed he can create a patsy in three months; a full-scale Manchurian Candidate takes six months.

Sounds interesting. Couldn't be David Atlee Phillips and Ozzie the Rabbit could it?

Probably nothing....but, I found the following linkages interesting, including the name/descritpion of the future Mrs. Krebs's boss in 1956, and her husband Herman Robert's post WWII, "enlistment" details:


D. Dr. Green (Dr. Joseph Mengele)

The most significant programmer, perhaps one could give him the title of the father of Monarch Programming was Joseph Mengele,....

...Mengele was in Dallas during the killing of JFK, which was achieved by trained Monarch slaves. (In fact, the Beaumont, TX Enterprise on Mon. April 10, ’94 in the Metro Sect. B, on page B cont. to 4b reports that a sworn affidavit exists where a man connects Joseph Mengele with Kennedy’s death and to have seen Mengele at the Texas Book Depository.) Luis Angel Castillo was just one of the Monarch mind-controlled slaves sent to kill JFK on Nov. 22, ’63. A woman from Germany named Mrs. Krebs, along with a host of other programmers, worked with Mengele on the Kennedy assassination. ...


MISS WICKFORS ENGAGED; Embassy Aide in Guatemala Will Be Wed to …

- New York Times - May 20, 1956

She is -interpreter to Jacob Esterline, second secretary of the United States Embassy in Guatemala. The bridegroom-to-be attended Columbia University. ...


PATRICIA WICKFORS WED; Married to Herman R. Krebs in White Plains …

- New York Times - Feb 3, 1957

PATRICIA WED Married to Herman R. Krebs in White Plains Church Special to The New York Times. WHITE PLAINS, Feb. 2Miss Patricia Jean Wickfors, ...



- New York Times - Feb 23, 1960

Surviving are his. widow, Mary; a daughter, Mrs. Patricia Krebs of Guatemala City; a sister, Mrs. C. C. Packer of Mctuchen, N. J., and two grandchildren.


U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946

about Herman R Krebs

Name: Herman R Krebs

Birth Year: 1919

Race: White, citizen (White)

Nativity State or Country: Danzig or Germany

State of Residence: New York

County or City: New York

Enlistment Date: 29 Jan 1946

Enlistment State: California

Enlistment City: San Diego

Branch: Adjutant Generals Department

Branch Code: Adjutant Generals Department

Grade: Technical Sergeant

Grade Code: Technical Sergeant

Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for Hawaiian Department

Component: Regular Army (including Officers, Nurses, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted Men)

Source: Enlisted Man, Philippine Scout or recall to AD of an enlisted man who had been transferred to the ERC

Education: 2 years of college

Civil Occupation: Soldiers, sailors, marines, and coast guards, n.e.c.

Marital Status: Single, without dependents

Social Security Death Index

about Herman R. Krebs

Name: Herman R. Krebs

SSN: 116-01-XXXX

Last Residence: 915 (U.S. Consulate) Guatemala, Guatemala

Born: 1 Jan 1919

Died: 20 Oct 2000

State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951)

Edited by Tom Scully
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After reading what I am posting here, there is a serious, very serious question that needs to be addressed, at least in the 'eliminating wheat from the chaff" department. See end of post.

By MARK FRITZ, Associated Press writer
NEW YORK -- James H. Critchfield, a powerful CIA insider during the Cold War whose anti-Soviet missions included recruiting former Third Reich operatives and supporting the Iraqi political party that put Saddam Hussein in power, died Tuesday from pancreatic cancer in Williamsburg, Va., his family said. He was 86.
During a 26-year-old CIA career, Critchfield worked with the Dalai Lama of Tibet in a guerrilla war against Communist China and headed a CIA task force during the Cuban missile crisis. He also ran regional agency operations when the two superpowers raced to secure satellites first in Eastern Europe, then in the Middle East.
Timothy Naftali, an intelligence historian, described Critchfield's role in the CIA as analogous to that of a general commanding the most crucial missions.
"What happened in Jim's lifetime was staggering," Naftali said. "Fighting the Nazis, then seeing a new global conflict emerge and fighting in that, then seeing that conflict move to the Third World and becoming a general in that."
Critchfield was best known in intelligence circles as the CIA's liaison to the Gehlen Organization, a group of former Third Reich intelligence and military officials recruited by the Army because of their purported knowledge of the Soviet Union.
Critchfield himself drew parallels between the moral compromises made at the end of World War II with his recommendation in the early 1960s that the United States support the Baath Party, which staged a 1963 coup against the Iraqi government that the CIA believed was falling under Soviet influence.
Critchfield described Saddam Hussein as a minor and peripheral figure in the Baath Party at the time. Saddam did not become a force in the party until the late 1960s and seized full power in 1979.
"You have to understand the context of the time and the scope of the threat we were facing," Critchfield said. "That's what I say to people who say, 'You guys in the CIA created Saddam Hussein.'"
Born in North Dakota, Critchfield joined the Army and became one of the youngest colonels of World War II. He led the 2nd Battalion of the 141st Infantry of the 36th Division into France, Germany and finally Austria, and won the Silver Star, Purple Heart and Bronze Star, among other decorations.
He joined the CIA in 1948 and had long stints as chief of the Eastern European Division, and the Near East and South Asia Division. "I covered everything from Greece to Burma," he said of the latter post.
With the growing political importance of Middle East oil, he became the CIA's national intelligence officer for energy in the late 1960s and early 1970s, then an energy policy planner at the White House.
He also fronted a dummy CIA corporation in the Middle East known as Basic Resources, which was used to gather OPEC-related intelligence for the Nixon administration.
The work of the Gehlen Organization resonates to this day. It has been the focus of a task force created to oversee the 1999 Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act, which has resulted in the biggest declassification of U.S. intelligence records in history.
The task force is delving into the degree to which U.S. intelligence gave war crime suspects jobs. For his part, Critchfield argued that the benefits outweighed the moral compromises.
Critchfield said the Gehlen group, along with former German military officers he handled, helped create a defense and intelligence network for West Germany that was folded into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1955.
Reinhard Gehlen, Nazi Germany's chief of anti-Soviet espionage, subsequently became West Germany's intelligence chief. A general Critchfield recruited became head of West Germany's military.
After retiring from the CIA in 1974, Critchfield became a consultant, corporate president and adviser to the Sultan of Oman.
Just before his death, he completed a memoir called "Partners at the Creation: The Men Behind Postwar Germany's Defense and Intelligence Establishments," to be published later this year.
He is survived by his wife and four children. Burial is to be in Arlington National Cemetery.

For the umpteenth time, after 50 years of researching, there are serious flaws in the research process, in at least one sense.

The Paines, Michael & Ruth are enigmatic in the sense of whats behind the "classified documents, what Lee's real relationship with them prior to 11/22/63 was....And yet there are at least 75-100 probably more Warren Commission documents completely declassified, and which have been so for decades, which no-one, no-one has ever bothered to read. It is as if researchers, myself included, until recently, cannot separate the Warren Commission Report, which is indeed a joke, from the 1,555 documents which are the "guts of everything ever written," all the names are in there, it is tedious work, but unless one is comfortable with the notion of "not going to the trouble to read these documents" you cannot separate the spin of the "official version" from what the truth really is. I have pretty much dedicated a serious effort to reading all these documents, literally, and the payoff is that when you do this, you realize that the "truth" as the veteran researchers perceive it is accurate, but unless one is intimately familiar with the supporting 1,555 documents, you are left in the lurch so to speak. Let the reader beware.

Regarding the whole Paperclip/Gehlen/Nazi apparatus and its intertwining with the assassination of JFK, one very critical document,at least in my mind concerns the one dated approximately December 3, 1963. It is in regards to a Security Officer apparently at the U.S. Embassy in Bonn, Germany, where his account of his dealings with a man named Oswald in Vienna are detailed. The Warren Commission document is practically illegible, but it is the Warren Commission officials response that begs the question. It concerns someone named Franz Spacil, at NARA there are five documents that reference him, all appear to be de-classified, but a legible document appears to be another story. A Warren Commission official CD 294 writes

Enclosed are two copies of the Report of the Department of State on Lee Oswald.

Abram Chayes and Thomas Ehrlich were the main officials who sifted thru the State Department Files;

Memo from Security Office BONN
December 12, 1963
Attached herein in triplicate are copies from Franz SPACIL pertaining to a man named OSWALD.
It is doubtful that this OSWALD is identical to the President’s assassin because the letter refers to SPACIL’s dealings with the man after World War II The assassins age is not known but at the end of the war he was probably only a child.


RECORD NUMBER : 179-40007-10112


TO : [No To]
TITLE : [No Title]
DATE : 00/00/0000
DATE OF LAST REVIEW : 00/00/0000
1963 - OSWALD FILE VI; BOX 002
Also See CD 1114 PAGE 430

Robert: What a lot of persons who read my posts apparently don't understand, is that I do not put together

posts to advance what I believe is the backdrop of the assassination. I post what I believe are excerpts

of books and documents that present accounts of events which pertain to the true circumstances of the

events leading up to, the day of, and the aftermath of the assassination, what I consider compelling

about the document pertaining to FRANZ SPACIL, is that it has a ring to it that is reminiscent of

William Harvey's QJWIN material. The French angle to the assassination is very close if not at the center

of the assassination, in fact when the 50th anniversary specials aired and Howard Willens said words to the effect that he had never read or heard anything indicating that there was a conspiracy in the assassination, my response was if he was telling the truth, he basically is incompetent, and if he wasn't, then he is just another hack who believes the world will come to an end if the truth becomes common knowledge.

There are a myriad of Nazi/Fascist elements to the assassination, Mae Brussell may not have been the most

accurate researcher in the realm of research, and there was a lot of smoke in her analysis, but there was also

some fire. Closing words If you ever read the bio of ANP leader Rockwell, he too was in Iceland in the mid-late

1950's just as Albert Alexander Osborne, and either Lee Harvey Oswald or Michael Paine, [see Lee Farley's

thread "A Photographic Mystery] and he, of course is a player in the Warren Commission documents.

And in case you have ever wondered what the mindset of some of the Office of Security personnel

were at the time of the Warren Commission remember Otto Otepka's old SY Dept. read this from CD 114

page 441
December 6, 1963
the following message was discovered on the bulletin board at SY

Those folks at the Office of Security sure had a real sense for the whole right wing McCarthyite

thing, they would have fit in south of the Mason-Dixon line real well.

Edited by Robert Howard
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Otto Skorzeny had a relationship with Josef Spacil see


which is one reason why the Bonn Memorandum regarding someone named Oswald in Vienna is of interest to me, and Franz Spacil. Of course, the time frame for this particular era is years before the Kennedy assassination. Nothing ever surpasses research more than hard work, and although I don't enjoy banging my own drum, I am intimately familiar with Oswald's 201 File. I notice that these days there seems to be little interest in exploring hidden avenues, unless it involves pinning the assassination of JFK on LBJ. As if there is no payoff for discovering new facts that could significantly alter the "what is not known" area for everyone's benefit. Germanic connections underlie significant areas of the Kennedy assassination, everywhere from William Harvey's days at the Berlin Operating Base before working on Cuban operations in the Kennedy administration, to Allen Dulles links to European operations and the assassination attempts against Hitler.

I can only produce what I believe are pertinent areas of the assassination heretofore unknown, lack of interest for my contributions only reinforce the belief I am wasting my time here.

Edited by Robert Howard
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Robert - its very unclear to me why someone named Oswald who is not LHO is of interest to you. But the issue of continuity between Nazi hierarchy and operatives, and elements of the US government and US intelligence is important, and directly linked to the Deep Politics of the entire post-war period. Power structures of the military establishments are not bound by narrow ideologies. I think Oliver Stone did a pretty good job in his Secret History of the US series of showing how that establishment purged the US of elements who were willing to find a way to peacefully coexist with the 'Communist' world. These same establishment forces were supportive of Hitler before WW 2 and viewed Stalin (and later Mao and Stalin's Soviet successors) as the true enemies of capitalism. The interlocking directorates between US and German corporations were extensive. The Dulles brothers and Sullivan and Cromwell, and the Bushes and Brown Brothers Harriman, were central parts of this ideological interlock.

It's very clear that JFK's speech at American University was a direct threat to this fascist power structure, and I believe it sealed his fate. The world we inhabit today is the direct result. People who threaten this not so secret power structure are killed routinely and cleverly. As Al Pacino says in Godfather 3, and I paraphrase here, he thought his Mafia opponents were never as dangerous as the corporate 'mafia' he encountered when he tried to go legit. There is a huge sucking sound as the world's wealth is being concentrated ever more completely in the hands of the few. And given their enormous power and ability to hide in plain sight it seems there is little any of us can do. 'News' is a joke. Political parties are a distraction. The control of information is near total. Google has become a tool.

Anything else?

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"The reason I am interested in someone named Oswald, who is not Oswald," is because.......

1. There are, in my viewpoint a small number of people who were genuinely trying to find out who was behind the assassination & I believe the person interviewed was one of those persons, moreover I thought it was interesting, at worst......not every post that I make is "an answer to who killed JFK."

It is obvious you have a high opinion of yourself, and yet your posts never have any new information or reference a singular contribution other than your own opinions.......So what are you contributing besides sarcasm?

More relevant is what I consider to be the Definitive book on Operation Paperclip, and was able to sort through it today.....

Until now, I considered Blowback by Christopher Simpson to be the definitive word on Paperclip, although there is a large body of material available in book, and video now that wasn't around when Simpson's book

came out.


An interview with Annie Jacobsen regarding her book Operation Paperclip


Edited by Robert Howard
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