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Biography: John Macdonald

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I am an Instructional Designer and Sr. Trainer at a large financial services company. I was 22 years old when I saw Ruby shoot Oswald (live), and I have followed the case ever since, giving talks during college and reading everything available on the subject. I graduated fron Northeastern University, and took a Masters Degree in Instructional Design at UMass (at age 56). I am proud to say that I received a CAGS in Educational Technology from Boston University on my 60th birthday.

I have a collection of over 200 books and other ephemera related to the assassination and I was active for a time in college in assassination research and did some speaking engagements, etc. My early experience with the "alt" groups on the net years ago was stimulating, but the turn to polemics has cooled my interest. I do have specific questions from time to time that I would like to sort out with others who are interested in exchanging information about the topic. I came across the forum while searching for a copy of Larry Hancock's book.

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