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Reichstag Fire

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I have recently updated my (still incomplete) Reichstag Fire website for my current Y10 coursework. I've changed the video extract this year so that students can comment on the usefulness of Robert Carlyle as Hitler http://www.intst.net/humanities/igcsehist/...rk/source_i.htm. People might find the clip useful for the scene of the Kroll Opera House vote on the Enabling Act.

The site also includes the excellent Reichstag Fire roleplay written by JDC. http://www.intst.net/humanities/igcsehist/...eplay/index.htm

I am using the new International Student Education Forum in attempt to establish some degree of online discussion. If anyone would like to get involved in any degree (from one interested student to a whole class) I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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