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The top of the Marine's right ear (our left) is about level with or above his upper eyelid. Oswald's in the mug shot is lower.

The bottoms of the Marine's ears are about level with his nostrils. Oswald's are lower, halfway between his nose and his mouth.

This indicates to me that it's not the same person.

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Looks to me as though all three are of LHO. Ironically, the far right photo looks much like the one on the cover of Judyth Baker's book.

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I'd have to say in this case I think it's likely photos of the same person taken at different angles, accounting for the apparent different placement of ears.

The two photos I had to do a comparison with here are sort of apples and oranges because of the angles, but I've sized the mug shot so the key facial features align as closely as possible and have done this anim with overlays of varying degrees of opacity. The major features seem to me to line up pretty closely:




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