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Organic Chemistry Elective Course

Guest Adrian Dingle

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Guest Adrian Dingle


This year marks the second year that I will be delivering a summer elective at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, GA, USA, entitled, "An Introduction to Organic Chemistry". The course was based upon my experience of delivering a large organic component in high schools in the UK and filled what I considered to be a niche for those kids who wanted a little more than US high school courses (both AP and non-AP) traditionally offered. It was most definitely NOT supposed to be a college level course, more a look at organic from a pre-college perspective.

I am flagging it for two reasons. Firstly I would be delighted to hear from any of you who know of any students that may be interested, and secondly I would love

to hear any input you might have about what is being offered. The following links have more information about the course syllabus, the raison d'etre behind the course and general information about course, respectively. Many thanks for your time, I would love to hear from you off-list (for specific questions) or on-list (for comments of interest to all).




(most specific worksheets and labs etc. will not be available until the course starts)

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