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Can't Reply to Messages or Post New Reply in Thread

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In recent days, I keep having the bizarre experience of having separate replies I post to entirely separate messages being added to a reply I've already posted.

It starts with me replying to a message in a thread, previewing it, then posting it, which works for the first message in the thread I reply to.

If, though, I click "Reply" on a completely different message from a different person, and use the normal routine for posting a reply, the second reply gets appended to the first one I posted, as though I had edited that one and extended it, which I unquestionably hadn't.

It's been hit-and-miss, and several times just leaving the thread or forum and coming back seemed to unbug it, but tonight I went all the way through clearing browser history and cache and quitting and restarting the browser, went back into the same thread and tried to post a reply, and it got added to the last message I'd posted, which was to an entirely different person!

So I edited that away, saved the edit, got back into read mode on the thread, and tried to post a reply (I'd saved it as a text file) by clicking "AddReply" at the bottom of the page (rather than the "Reply" button on a specific message), and got exactly the same results.

I cannot fathom any reason at all for this bizarre behavior, and can't find any way to work around it, and it seems to be getting more frequent. I'm not entirely certain, but it seems very vaguely that I only experienced this in the Watergate forum, and possibly only with a few threads. But I haven't been taking notes, so this may not be accurate.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Ashton Gray

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[quote name='Ashton Gray' date='Jul 24 2006, 06:51 AM' post='70019']

Most bizarre. I have a problem sometimes when I hit "post" or " add reply I guess it is called, I get an error page and sometimes the post "takes" but just as often I have lost the whole thing. Never any rhyme or reason to what occurs. I know that I should keep work perfect open, so that the actual content is saved, but I often forget to do that, as I am usually running multiple programs as it is. (email, music, forum..... )

Hope both problems are resolvable. (Well mine is by running WP, IF I remember ;)


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All right, so now this is definitely happening in other threads, and the common denominator seems to be if I'm the last person in the thread who has posted, and I'm trying to add another separate post (reply to somebody else or new reply) without someone else intervening.

It's just happened to me twice in the JFK forum in the thread on photo alterations, even after completely logging out of my computer and logging back in.

This has got to be some kind of forum software glitch.

I would really appreciate getting some kind of moderator help or workaround.


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