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HSCA, Croft, and SBT

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Ashton said

"Their overriding and ruling rule is chaos, not order. Even if one should be clever or observant enough to make inroads of clarity on their foggy fields of ambiguity, the amorphous boundaries—like the time that governs play—are infinitely movable and infinitely expandable through the infinite accusation of fictional "arguments" never argued or proposed, just as you bemoan above. If you should be so astute as actually to take one tiny piece of their ground, 20,000 more acres of mist are created from nothing in an instant and added to the field stretched out before you."

Well said, Ashton...that is why I consider Miller, Lamson, Burton, Colby, Uhlman, Mr Golfball

and the other goofballs to be IRRELEVANT to study of these matters. They are not interested

in truth nor research, only CHAOS. Some are agents. Some are dupes. It is more fruitful to

ignore them than to engage them. What they seek is time-wasting argument, not facts.


Jack you would not know a photographic fact if it bit you on your azz...

I guess in your case ignorance IS bilss.

To many *specular highlights* is your brewsky these days?

Considering that you PROVED to the forum that you DON'T KNOW what a specular highlight is...your statment makes you look like a total dumass...oh wait...you have looked like a total dumbass since your first post here...sorry.

Woof woof there guard dog...now back to your cage and that old shoe you were chewing on.

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...right on cue the thread descends into chaos...

It's time for me to don the CT jacket, step up to the line in the great Parlor Game...

tho I can't cut through the din perhaps I can spark the discussion away from spats over

that great black hole -- photo alteration...

The case of John F. Kennedy's murder was solved in 2001 with the publication of

James Bamford's BODY OF SECRETS, with its revelations about Operation Northwoods.


Gen. Lansdale inspired Operation Northwoods and colleagues ID him in one of

the tramp photos.


Dovetails nicely with what Gaeton Fonzi dug up on David Atlee Phillips and David



A document uncovered in 1998 links Lansdale with an intelligence operative

who fit the description of Maurice Bishop...


JFK was murdered in a manner designed to look like a conspiracy -- a Castro

conspiracy. Powerful segments of the military/intelligence community wanted

a pre-text to invade Cuba, and wield a more free hand in Vietnam.

Oswald was obviously sheep-dipped to fit the bill of a Castro agent.

I'd speculate that if a Dallas policeman had gunned down Oswald on

Eleven Twenty-Two, the US Air Force would have, in the words of

Richard Helms, "bombed Cuba back into the middle ages."

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