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1967 Jackdaw Kit

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The following describes a jackdaw kit that was published in 1967 in GB. It is a very rare collectible, almost impossible to find in perfect condition. Among its features is a 3-D popout version of Dealey Plaza. I think Leslie Bolland may have several. At any rate, this jackdaw kit has been reproduced (see bottom of page) and is being offered in new condition. As I understand it, the only difference is the United States Presidential Seal that appears on the box of the original.

Since many of the original sets are often missing pieces, it might behoove someone to buy an old set and replace the missing piece(s) with new.

This is a description of the original:

The Assassination of President Kennedy

Michael Rand

Bookseller: Soldridge Books Ltd

(ALTON, Hants, United Kingdom) Price: US$ 286.90

[Convert Currency] Shipping within United Kingdom:

US$ 5.57

Book Description: Jonathan Cape, London. Illustrated Card Covers. Book Condition: Very Good. First Edition. Landscape 4to. Co-authors Howard Loxton and Len Deighton. Card folder measuring 350 x 230mm, containing quarto and foolscap paperwork. One of the rarest Jackdaw Specials, containing thirteen facsimile documents and five broadsheets. Includes a scale 3-D pop-out model of Dealey Plaza in coloured card, to enable the reader to plot the position of the President and his entourage, the leading witnesses, and the possible location of any assassin. The other documents : 'Wanted For Treason' handbill; photograph of wounded Kennedy; summary of autopsy report; medical illustration of President Kennedy's neck wounds; F.B.I. eyewitness report of the autopsy (Sibert-O'Neill Report); pathologists' illustration of President Kennedy's wounds; photographs of Kennedy's shirt (prepared for the Warren Commission but not used); partial transcript of Mrs. Kennedy's testimony before the Warren Commission; summary of Secret Service interview with Alonzo Hudkins; advertisement for Mannlicher-Carcano rifle; and reproduction of alleged assassination rifle (unanswered questions: the problems presented by the evidence). The broadsheets, each a different colour, provide information on J.F.K., Dallas, The Assassination, The Warren Commission, and Jack Ruby, and the six-page folding contents leaflet contains further information, with a map of the relevant areas of Dallas and a short bibliography. All in the card case of blue card with gold lettering and a gold Presidential seal on the back. All Contents are Fine. The Document Case is slightly worn, foxed on the inside, missing the original tape around the edges, and with new staples holding pocket in place. It has one closed tear at foot of flap. The Dealey Plaza 3-D model appears to have been made at some time, with all the items popped out of their surrounding card. It is complete except for two very small items. Bookseller Inventory # 5544

This is a link to the reproduction ($46):


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