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  • 2 weeks later...
The Website update is fully accomplished !

Several new items will be soon added…

Thank you for visiting my Website!

Here: www.copweb.be

Best regards...

Marcel :)


Your updated Website is certainly very well designed, and contains a lot of interesting items. It's clear you worked hard on it. You should be commended for your efforts. You wrote:

His (Marcel's) main convictions are the following: if the JFK assassination is indeed the result of a conspiracy, or a covert operation,... then there is little chance that we'll know really, sooner or later, who the instigators and principal actors were. It's a feature of such an operation that it does not leave any trace or, on the contrary, that it does leave numerous wrong tracks in order to mislead investigators into different directions, which will end up in deadlocks each time.

I agree with that conclusion, Marcel. Thanks for sharing your work. Best regards to you.

Mike Hogan

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