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John O Beaty: SMU President during 1963

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The president of SMU in 1963 was not Beaty but Willis Tate.

Thanks Jack, but if you go back and read posts 5, 6 and 7 you'll see that James Richards advised that Beaty died in '61. Doing the math, I was quickly able to determine that he could not have been President of anything except Worm City in '63. It was a salutary lesson in being too quick to assess uncited information from a book as being correct (here based on other uncited references on the web to his being SMU president, though year/s not specified in those cases).

Anyhow, after asking just who was President in '63, James again came to the rescue.

The error aside, information provided in this thread, hopefully has provoked some thinking.

Sorry if this was duplicate info. I do not read all of every thread...only those

of particular interest to me. Tate was well known around here for years.


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