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A New Angle on Murder

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Guest Eugene B. Connolly

To Eugene B. Connolly:

Well, all the images that you've posted just beats the pants this thing I've cobbled together in terms not only of detail but of sheer beauty. Very admirable work.....


Thanks for the kind words. I don't know if it's admirable or even work.

More of a passtime,really.

All I do is printscreen,copy,cut,paste etc., etc. and then apply a few plugins......easy!

As far as GPS and Dealy Plaza go, Ashton, I'm afraid I know nothing.

Sorry I can't help you out on that score.


Edited by Eugene B. Connolly
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Hi Dawn;

Of course Dale Meyers says he was once a believer in conspiracy, but now he is Warren Commission convert (my words, not his).

HI Bill:

Odd. It's generally the other way around. People believe their government til they relize they have been lied to (again). Wonder what turned him. (How much $ :rolleyes:

Because there is no way someone could make this little cartoon and not know they are engaging in fraud. As for Peter Jennings, I never watched him again after he became part of that 40th anniversary disinfo campaign. He joined the ranks (low!) of Dan -I'd- Rather -Not.


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