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Biography: Veronica Gilhooly

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Swedish teacher. Language training in companies and government institutes ie Business Swedish and conversation

I have operated a language training/translation company since 1999. Our company has around 20 freelance teachers and translators working for us. We are based in Helsinki, Finland

Our latest addition to the business is a website for teachers with tools (to make worksheets). The reason behind this website is that we have very limited resources on the Internet in the Swedish language, so I decided to hire some people to help me implement my idea. A couple artists are drawing pictures we add to our clipart gallery, and then we tadd these words in different languages to our tools.

Week 33 (2006) we will add another 16 languages to our website, this means you will be able to make bilingual material in 30 different languages with pictures or without. This site is a aimed for teachers who teach vocabulary with pictures, crosswords, wordsearches, games etc. Our tools enables you to easily print our differet worksheets each time.

We are hiring teachers of different languages to help us develop the grammar material bank over the next 2 years. Our aim is to have about 40 languages (some less common languages as these are the languages that don't have a lot of resources in the Internet), over 3000 pictures and about 30 different tools.

See our site : http://www.thelanguagemenu.com/thelanguage...p;openmenu=Main

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