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Very Important new book: Indonesia 1965

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An important new book about the Indonesian Genocide of 1965-66 has just come out. I have just started reading it and I can't put it down. Here is what forum member Alfred W. McCloy blurbs

about PRETEXT FOR MASS MURDER: The September 30th Movement and the Suharto's Coup D'etat in

Indonesia by John Roosa, Univ. Wisconsin Press

"Rossa takes readers into that fascinating hyper-heated political atmosphere of Sukarno's Indonesia

when the society was rife with rumors and tensions. By moving carefully through the darkened past

his account shows how the bloodydenouement of October 1965 ws the um of these tensions--rival

military factions. maneuvers by special units within the Communist party, and the efforts of foreign

intelligence agencies to manipulate these divisions. Lucid, thoughtful. and engaging, this is a brilliant,

strikingly original analysis."

Its worth emphasizing that most of this book is about the original trigger incident, that might be deemed a

"false flag op" that triggered the genocide. Most scholars have stayed away from this topic for a variety of reasons so this is proving a unique book so far. more later (Its worth looking into, as some estimate the number of those killed in the CIA backed coup as between 600,000 and 1.25 million, yet how many stalinists....I mean Americans know that it ever happened, much less who paid for it?)


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