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Who was Bercian?

Steve Thomas

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Fabian Escalante:

Posted by Wim Dankbaar in the Education Forum 9/11/06

"and in our organization the index is always made by the first surname not by the second one. But when we found out that Oscar Berot was Manuel Rodriguez, then we found another interesting information. Manuel Rodriguez, Oscar Berot told one of our agents, first of all that he was in Dallas because he was the officer 66 [Alpha-66] delegate in Dallas. And he was the delegate for office 66 in Dallas and if anyone came to know that he and Bercian took part in the plot to kill Kennedy. They were going to be killed. He was already living in Puerto Rico or a little after that he went to live in Puerto Rico. And

another information comes from a very close person of Bercian, I think... some of you have already interviewed. This person told us that Phillips threatened Bercian in order for him to not reveal his true identity. I'm not going to reveal his name, but I will only tell you that some of you have had interviews with this person (don't talk about it) ?__________________ I cannot reveal this on account of an ethics principle for the same cause, because some of you will not make such revelations."

Does anyone know who Bercian was?

Steve Thomas

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I asked Fabian the same question just 2 days ago. He says he doesn't know any person by that name. But it just struck me that it's probably a transcription error for "Veciana". The V is pronounced as B in spanish. Beciana became Bercian(a).

Anyway, very interesting. It certainly makes sense that Veciana was given that message by Phillips (in words and bullets).

I was telling you we have so much information. In 1979 Bercia told to one of our own informants in

Miami that he had been pushed by a select committee that he had given a fake name to the CIA

officer that was in charge of him. He had given the name of Maurice Bishop. But, truly the official that

had to deal with him was David Phillips.

It has always been my take that Veciana has known from day one that Bishop was Phillips, even before he went through the hanky panky of the composite sketch.


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