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1. When I click on the link it led me to the Resources which contain four sublevels which look like this:


Desription will be added later.

Virtual School newsletters

Teaching History Online is published by Spartacus Educational in association with the History Department of the Virtual School. The newsletter includes news, reviews of websites and articles on using ICT in the history classroom.

Notices in Brief

These items are collected and published by members of the History department. The list is updated every month, so visit this page regularly for new ideas.

Articles on History, Education and ICT

This section contains articles about ICT and pedagogy. Some articles are about ICT and history teaching. If you would like to have your article published here please contact: dalibor@fredrika.se

All articles are published as I wrote a moment ago ……..

The rest of the problems you mentioned shall I resend to Chui Hsia immediately for investigation.

2. If you clearly indicate what of yours works should be moved from your pages to the new one I can try to do this piece by piece over a longer period of time. It’s probably my task because I’m co-ordinator (until december!) of these things.

Right now I do have little time because schools in Sweden start to go on for summer holiday. This is a hectic time.

I do believe than I August there should be possibility to start removal of the most important material to our new page from your old pages.

You appear to be talking about the Contens system. I am talking about the live website.

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I have started three possible Virtual School Projects on the forum. If they are successful I will then transfer the best contributions to the VS website.

International National Curriculum for History


An attempt to develop an International National Curriculum for History. I thought might create a good debate on what we teach and how we teach it.

The Olympic Games Oral Project


The plan is to start threads where people can post their recollections of previous Olympic Games.

The second part of this project will involve people posting their impressions of the 2004 Olympic Games. This would make a good project for students with a desire to become a sports journalist.

Cold War Project


The plan is to start threads where people can provide first-hand accounts on important Cold War events (experiences and opinions). This will include people’s accounts of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, 1956 Hungarian Uprising, 1968 Prague Spring, the building and pulling down of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of Germany, the Fall of Communism, Communism in the Soviet Union, Communism in China, etc. It is hoped that people will post their recollections from all over the world. This is something that students could get involved in by interviewing parents or grandparents about these events. This material could then be used as a teaching resource. For example, I plan to create some teaching activities based on the material that is produced.

I have so far managed to get two Vietnam Vets and a Red Army officer to contribute. I am in the process of begging other people to get involved.

I know everyone is busy but would be grateful if you could find time over the next few weeks to make contributions. I think it is a good way of persuading people to contribute to our new website. As I said earlier, the best ones (with permission) will be transferred to the VS website.

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I have just uploaded a new section. It is called history Debates in the Resources section. The first one is entitled National Curriculum for History Teachers and has been taken from the debate we are having on the subject on the forum. It took me three hours to do. The system crashed after one and a half hours and I lost all my work. Apparently you have to actually save the page after every 15 minutes. It looked fine but does not tell you that you have been logged out. You only find that out when you try to upload it. What a nightmare. I hope it is worth it. After all, it looks far better on the forum.

I see they still have not uploaded most of the work we did in Sweden.

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I cannot understand why an apparently sensible organisation should have gone for such a troublesome system when so many better and more efficient options exist, (including this forum) :rolleyes:

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