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Also, Main and Houston appears to have been the ideal location for these guys to "say goodbye" and be closest to the assassination without danger of being hit by any stray bullet or richochet. (They were protected by the concrete structure along the west side of Houston Street.)

I doubt that anyone who knew what was coming was standing at Houston and Elm, or anywhere along Elm Street (except of course behind the stockade fence, and except for UM and DCM, whose exact roles remain speculative but who were apparently foolhardy souls).

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For those who might be interested.



This comparison has always been quite compelling and almost completely convincing that it is in fact Robertson.

And in that regards, there is another item in it of which most would not initially observe.

Old Habits die hard!

Such as an Officer in the US Military Services, saluting the President of the US as he goes by, which happens to be a part of military protocol, even if standing in a crowd.

The right-hand gesture of the "look-alike" almost appears to have, by instinct, have raised his right hand to the brim of his hat, as if in a somewhat "instinctive" salute, and then at the last minute decided to grasp the brim of the hat in lieu of offering a salute while in civillian clothing.

Perhaps not! And perhaps merely grasping the hat to keep the wind from blowing it off, or blocking the sunlight.

Nevertheless, few others appear to be offering an "almost salute" to the President.

Just thought you may want this trivia into the pot for consideration.


Thanks, Tom. Curious thought.

If we do indeed have Robertson and other suspicious characters positioned here, I have often pondered if something was said as the Presidential limo rounded that corner. Guys like Grayston Lynch never hid his feelings toward JFK and if Robertson felt the same, which I believe he did, maybe a farewell of sorts was fired off.


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Christopher Barger, memorandum to Jeremy Gunn (18th May, 1995)

I interviewed former US Army captain and CIA employee Bradley Ayers on May 12, 1995, at Ayers' home in Woodbury, Minnesota. The interview lasted from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. The following is a summary and report of the interview...

Q. Did Morales ever try and pass himself off as Cuban?

A. Not to Ayers' knowledge, but "he could easily pass for Cuban." Morales was allegedly a very good actor, and "could pull off lots of roles." Here the conversation drifted into a discussion of David Morales and his emotional makeup. Ayers charged that Morales was a "mean" man who "paraded around the station like a tyrant." Everyone was apparently afraid of him. Morales hung with what Ayers called the "circle" - Morales, Roselli, Tony Sforza, Manuel Artime and Rip Robertson. The four were drinking buddies and of like mind on politics. Ayers said they were vicious, too. "If anyone put together a sniper team to hit the President, Morales, Rip, Rosselli and Sforza would have done it." Ayers noted that Artime, Robertson, Rosselli and Sforza all died just as the HSCA began investigating. He suggests checking for Morales' whereabouts during the late seventies, especially on the times these men were killed.

Ayers is right that these men all died in the 1970s: Rip Robertson (1970), John Roselli (July 1976), Manuel Artime (November, 1977) and Tony Sforza (December, 1978). However, David Morales could not have killed all these men as he himself died six months before Tony Sforza (May, 1978).

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According to the book, The Bay of Pigs: Cuba 1961, published this month, the photograph below is of Rip Robertson.

You can compare the photographs here:



Just so that the record is straight, I for one have considerable doubt as to the validity that Robertson

died in Vietnam.

First off, as a general rule, those operatives with his experience were seldom placed into the position

from which they could be either recognized*, and/or could be eliminated.

*One individual with whom I am personally aware, worked some 15 years in SE Asia, yet was never

known by his true name.

Secondly, Vietnam was an ideal situation for creating the "demise" of anyone whom the Government

wanted to have generally disappear.

With the number of bodies available, someone could easily be reported as "Missing in Action", and, as example, their body shipped home as "Rip Robertson", KIA.

Therefore, my personal opinion, though purely speculative, would be that Rip Robertson most likely

lived to a ripe old age with a relatively good retirement.

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William Alexander Robertson died on the 1st of December 1970. He was on his way back from a stint in Vietnam when he collapsed at a Dallas airport and expired several hours later.

He is buried at the Culpeper National Cemetary in Section E, site 173.

Rip Robertson was better known to his family and friends as Tex Robertson, quarter Cherokee Indian and winner of 2 Silver Stars on Saipan.


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The point I was trying to make is that Rip Robertson in 1961 does not look like the man in the Dealey Plaza photograph.

That was my first impression as well. The man in the Dealey Plaza photograph looks older and heavier than the man in the 1961 photo...regardless of the hat and glasses...

However, when I look closely at the other known photograph of Robertson (on Spartacus), I can see a resemblance with the 1961 photo...particularly when looking at the ears and the nose which appears to be broken from right to left as it were in both photographs. I do have to stretch my imagination and add some brylcream and glasses but I can see that it might possibly be the same man...

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William Alexander Robertson died on the 1st of December 1970. He was on his way back from a stint in Vietnam when he collapsed at a Dallas airport and expired several hours later.

He is buried at the Culpeper National Cemetary in Section E, site 173.

Rip Robertson was better known to his family and friends as Tex Robertson, quarter Cherokee Indian and winner of 2 Silver Stars on Saipan.


My appreciation for the information.

Robertson clearly demonstrated throughout his various services that he was a "Patriot" of the first order.

Unfortunately, the pure stench of association with the likes of William D. Pawley, whose patriotism consisted of how much he was going to make off the enterprise, can, and has eventually contaminated even one such as Robertson.

And, having friends who to some extent turned their backs on this country after having been lied to about the Son Tay

Raid, and thereafter "went for the money", I also could easily see how one such as Robertson may have also "turned' from his demonstrated honorable service to an incorrect perception as to who may have been to blame for certain political failures.

Hopefully, Robertson's honor and integrity remained fully intact, and if so, history and the record will eventually wash away the William D. Pawley stench from his name and service to country.

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Mr. Kelly, do you have citations for the information about Robertson (aside from the date of death & place of burial)?

On the section for Culpeper National Cemetery at www.interment.net, U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs burial records reveal that there are two entries for Robertson, with the caveat that his records "have not been verified as accurate".

Robertson, William A, b. 08/03/1920, d. 12/01/1970, MAJ USMCR, Plot: E 173, bur. 06/13/1977, *

Robertson, William Jr, b. 08/03/1930, d. 12/01/1970, MAJOR USMGR, Plot: E 173, bur. 12/04/1970, *

Two different dates for his birth and burial.



As to the photo comparison, James Richards posted that while he believes Robertson was "part of the operational plan" and commanded a Cuban assassin in Dealey Plaza, he doubts that "the man photographed at the corner of Main and Houston" is Rip Robertson, due to recent photos he had seen (as of April 2008).

In addition, James wrote that while stationed in the Congo, Robertson made "damning" statements to people that he was in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63.

James also said that he was going to put up a website by the end of 2008 with new images of Dave Morales, and "some interesting images of Robertson and O'Hare (Bishop)" that would answer "a lot of questions".

See http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...=5781&st=75.


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Sorry for this very late reply but time is short I'm afraid.

I do indeed have lots of new photos to share but I am waiting for clearance and copyright clarification. I have already posted new images of Felipe Vidal Santiago and Tony Izquierdo in recent times.

I was planning a web site but have decided against that idea instead I will post them at The Education Forum when able to.



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