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What was the reason LIFE kept Zapruder's film hidden for so long? If it was an invaluable asset then it seems a little strange they would mishandle it enough to suddenly be missing several frames. It also seems to me that if any evidence has been tampered with then that evidence is no longer admissable. Maybe that's why they took the frames out. My gut feeling though is that it's to hide someone that's not supposed to be there.

just some thoughts...


I thought this response from Chris Newton concerning LIFE deserved it's own post.

From Larry Hancock's "Someone would have Talked," JFK Lancer Productions & Publications, Inc., Southlake, Texas, 2003, page 213.

"Luce/Time - Life media network: LIFE had provided funds directly to John Martino and Eddie Bayo. In 1963, LIFE was sending its staff to encourage and provide limited financing and report on the activities if Alpha 66. Both LIFE and POST magazines were running frequent articles on Castro's Cuba and the plight of the exiles being restrained from moving against him, restrained specifically by President Kennedy."

There's more, but this is sufficient for my point. "Report the news" or "Make the news?" To what extent was this media publication under the direct power or financial control of US Intelligence?

I believe it makes perfect sense as to why LIFE held the film so long under wraps - it had no choice, as final decisions in regards to what could be released for the public view had to pass through an approval process, by a certain select number of individuals working directly for Intelligence [using the term loosely, as I am not sure what department. I assume CIA].

Even when it prepared certain frames for publication, there were last minutes changes in the actual frame used and the heading. Someone nixed it. This was a very expensive change to make, and unprecedented.

From "Katharine the Great," by Deborah Davis, National Press, Inc., Maryland, Copyright 1979, 1987, page 138:

"MOCKINGBIRD was the CIA's response to a propaganda body called the International Organization of Journalists....which...had been taken over by Communists. The group received money from Moscow and controlled reporters on every major newspaper in Europe, disseminating stories that promoted the Communist cause."

Page 139:

"By the early 1950s, [Frank] Wisner had implemented his plan and "owned" respected members of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS, and other communications vehicles, plus stringers, four to six hundred in all, according to a former CIA analyst. Each one was a separate "operation," requiring a code name, a field supervisor, and a field office, at an annual cost of tens of hundreds of thosands of dollars - there has never been an accurate accounting. Some of these journalists thought of themselves as helpers of the Agency, some simply as patriots who wanted to run stories that would benefit their country; some did not know where their information was going, or did not know that the information they received as "planted" with them. The Agency considered all of them to be operatives."

But the good news is that this is no longer the case today. Following the airing by A&E of "The Guilty Men," Peter Jennings ran his own program which definitely concluded, beyond a doubt, and 'I mean any doubt,' that LHO acted alone, and that there was no conspiracy - the Warren Commision had been 'dead on' all this time. I'm sure this was the result of intensive research into his story, and genuine, hi-quality, unbiased, non-partisan reporting.

"Give 'im a couple a bucks."


- lee

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I know who killed Kennedy and why. Please see my post, which I mistakenly said refers to Kennedy's wounds.


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I also posted the critical information on Kennedy's wounds in another post.

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