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Closed-door testimony on Kennedy's wounds

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Sorry, but I put down the wrong topic title. The section on Kennedy's wounds will come later. This is about the corruption in the United States Government and the CIA, which made the assassination of President Kennedy possible. This even says who did it and why.


The deep-rooted corruption detailed herein reaches into the upper echelons of the Government and the CIA. It has eaten away at the fiber of American democracy for more than fifty years and caused bipartisan corruption to permeate both the Executive and the Legislative Branches of the United States Government.

Closed-door Congressional hearings were held in 1984 following the exposure of 497 KGB officers that had infiltrated the CIA, and over 800 double agents that were in the CIA. Even though the exposure of the KGB and the double agents was never made public, every member of the 98th Congress was aware of it, as they were all present at the closed-door Congressional hearings. That includes Richard Cheney, George W. Bush’s Vice President, and Tom Ridge, George W. Bush’s Director of Homeland Security.

Renegade CIA officers were entrenched in the CIA by the time the KGB infiltration was exposed in 1984. The renegade CIA officers took control of terrorists that had been handled by the KGB officers, and they took control of criminal activities that had been initiated by the KGB officers. The often talked about CIA drug trafficking had been a KGB run operation until 1984.

Renegade CIA officers knew that secrecy and corruption in Congress, the CIA, and the Executive Branch, had given them free reign to do everything that their KGB progenitors had done.

The KGB officers admitted that they had killed thirteen of the fourteen Members of Congress who died from unnatural causes from 1957 to 1983. Among the factors in those deaths and four more deaths perpetrated by renegade CIA officers are:

>Four vehicles became instruments of death for Members of Congress who were not on board the vehicles on four separate occasions.

>The pilot of a Congressman’s plane “appeared nervous and even ran the aircraft off the taxiway shortly before take off.”

>Two “mechanical failures” caused planes with Members of Congress on board to crash.

>A helicopter crashed into a Senator’s plane when it was allegedly making a “second attempt” to “inspect the landing gear,” even though communications between the plane and the tower showed “no problem with the landing gear” and the plane was “cleared to land.”

>A Congressman named Mills allegedly left “at least seven” suicide notes in 1973 when it was reported that prior to his special election in 1971, his campaign had received “an unreported cash transfer of $25,000” from President Nixon’s campaign.

“One official said that in one of the notes, Mr. Mills said ‘he had done nothing wrong but said he couldn’t prove it, and so there was no other way out.’”

>Two Congressmen have been “presumed dead” since October 1972 when a plane that they weren’t supposed to be on disappeared in the Alaska wilderness.

>No one in Congress has died in a traffic “accident” since 1965, but three Members of Congress died in traffic “accidents” in 1957, 1959, and 1965.

>In the final traffic “accident” in 1965, a truck driver ran down a Congressman with his tractor-trailer, allegedly because he had cataracts on both of his eyes, suffered from high blood pressure and asthma, and had exceeded the ICC limit on maximum hours of service.

>The traffic “accidents” of 1957 and 1959 marked the beginning of the KGB’s twenty-six year killing spree, and each of these two “accidents” took place in the Congressman’s own Congressional district, but no one in Congress has died while driving in their Congressional district since 1959.

>In 1957, a train engine (just an engine; not a train) smashed into a Congressman’s car.

>In 1959, a Congressman crashed into an elevated train pillar “early” one day and the New York Times reported that he “had apparently fallen asleep at the wheel or had been cut off by another car.”

>In each of the three traffic “accidents,” the Member of Congress was the only one killed.

A train engine in 1957, an elevated train pillar in 1959, and a tractor-trailer in 1965 apparently weren’t the only ways to kill Members of Congress.

Beginning in October 1972, the aforementioned airplane “accidents” became an easy and acceptable alternative to traffic “accidents.”

Details of all of the aforementioned Congressional deaths are in the section on Congressman Hale Boggs, who is one of the two Congressmen who have been “presumed dead” since their plane disappeared in the Alaska wilderness in October 1972. These two deaths marked the beginning of the KGB’s “airplane slaughters,” and renegade CIA officers have continued on in the same tradition.

I detected the KGB infiltration during my initial contact with the CIA as a private citizen in 1977. I became aware of its extent over the next several years as I tried to expose it, and I also became aware of profound corruption within the CIA. Some of the CIA field agents that I interacted with filed intelligence reports about the KGB infiltration, but it did not yield any results as the KGB officers had seniority over the field agents that filed the reports. The KGB and renegade CIA officers implemented CIA operations targeting me to prevent me from exposing the infiltration and the corruption.

In 1984, Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, former CIA Director William Colby, and former Deputy Director Frank Carlucci all cooperated with me in exposing the KGB infiltration.

The operations targeting me were supposed to come to an end after that, but renegade CIA officers were intent on thriving on the corruption and it was of vital importance for them to make sure that the KGB infiltration and the corruption were never made public. As such, the operations targeting me have continued unabated, other than a few brief periods in 1984 when I got cooperation from the Reagan Administration and certain elements of the CIA.

After the KGB officers went to prison, they personally told me that they had killed the thirteen Members of Congress, including Senator Robert F. Kennedy. They had manipulated an Islamic extremist named Sirhan Sirhan to assassinate Senator Kennedy on June 5, 1968, and he made no secret of why he had to kill Senator Kennedy on that day.

Senator Kennedy had spoken out in favor of Israel and Sirhan Sirhan was vehemently anti-Israeli. The Jordanian-born Sirhan Sirhan had at one time lived in Jerusalem, and June 5, 1968, was the anniversary of the 1967 six-day war in which Israel defeated Jordan and took over the rest of Jerusalem and the West Bank. A book about this assassination, “RFK Must Die!” has as its cover a photocopy of Sirhan’s diary writings, in which he repeatedly writes over and over, “RFK Must Die! June 5, 1968!”

This was not the only manipulation of an Islamic extremist in an assassination.

“Tony Chavez,” a KGB officer who had been the CIA’s head of domestic operations from the late 1960s until 1984, said that they had used Islamic extremists to assassinate Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981. Renegade CIA officers took over handling the Islamic extremists in 1984, and eventually linked them up with Osama bin Laden.

On September 24, 2001, the New York Times reported that Ayman al-Zawahiri led the Islamic extremists that killed Anwar Sadat. It said that Zawahiri had “assumed the helm of the Jihad group by the late 1970s.”

Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Islamic terrorist that renegade CIA officers took over handling in 1984, is Osama bin Laden’s second in command.

Renegade CIA officers were amused by the fact that I was futilely trying to put an end to the CIA operations targeting me by publicizing my knowledge of the KGB infiltration that had been exposed, and my knowledge of the massive corruption in the CIA. At one point in 1984, they taunted me by bringing Zawahiri to see me in Chicago.

On October 4, 2001, the New York Times reported that Mohammed Atef, another top lieutenant to Osama bin Laden, led “the Egyptian Islamic Jihad” along with Zawahiri, that the movement was reorganized in 1992, and that he and Zawahiri brought their “loyal followers” to Al Qaeda.

MSNBC reports that, “according to US intelligence officials and allied intelligence,” Thirwat Salah Shihata is one of the “most wanted members of Al Qaeda,” and that he had been “second-in-command, after Ayman al-Zawahiri, of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad.”

The New York Times also stated on October 4, 2001, that “the leadership of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad . . . now forms the backbone for Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan.”

On November 21st, it stated that Al Qaeda merged with the Egyptian Islamic Jihad in 1998, and it described them as “the terror group whose members became foot soldiers for Osama bin Laden.”

The Al Qaeda hierarchy was built with terrorists that renegade CIA officers began handling in 1984. The renegade CIA officers linked up Zawahiri, Atef, Shihata, and their “loyal followers” with Osama bin Laden, and eventually used them to facilitate the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Even though Zawahiri and his “Jihad group” were not identified in news reports as the Egyptian Islamic Jihad in the 1980s, the exact phrase that Tony Chavez used to identify who had killed Egyptian President Anwar Sadat on behalf of the KGB officers was “the Egyptian Islamic Jihad.”

The hijacked plane that crashed in Pennsylvania while en route to Washington DC was meant to kill a multitude of Congressmen and Senators. (President Bush was in Florida at the time.) The terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and in New York would have easily provided cover for what may have been the main purpose of the terrorist attacks, killing Members of Congress.

The KGB officers and renegade CIA officers had been responsible for a total of eleven Members of Congress perishing in airplane “accidents.” Using airplanes to slaughter Members of Congress was a tried and proven method on September 11, 2001.

Just how many Members of Congress would have died when a vehicle that they were not on board became the instrument for their death is not known, but what is known and as will be seen in this text, is that, ten years before the September 11th attacks, renegade CIA officers killed a United States Senator by crashing a helicopter crashed into his plane. There had also been three other incidents when Members of Congress were killed by vehicles that they were not on board.

The anthrax sent to Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy shortly after the September 11th terrorist attacks was from a domestic source, and the person who sent the anthrax had masqueraded as an Islamic extremist to make it look like it was connected to the terrorist attacks.

Renegade CIA officers, whose plans were upset when the hijacked plane crashed in Pennsylvania before reaching its destination in Washington DC, were behind the anthrax mailings, too. Original plans may have been to send the anthrax mailings as a follow-up to killing a multitude of Congressmen and Senators with the hijacked plane. With emotions at a fever pitch, few would have doubted that Islamic extremists were behind the anthrax mailings.

Many of the current Members of Congress had been in the 98th Congress when the KGB was exposed in 1984. They are well aware of this exposure, as all Members of the 98th Congress had been at the closed-door Congressional hearings, and they knew very well that renegade CIA officers were entrenched in the CIA in 1984, but egregious corruption in Congress itself prevented them from doing anything about it.

Before 1984, the closest any of the KGB agents had ever come to being exposed was during the 1950s when Senator Joseph McCarthy said he had a list of a few dozen people who were secretly Communists, but McCarthy then began accusing thousands of people of being Communists. Some of these people were simply vouching for the credibility of what they thought were loyal Americans, and others were just antithetical to McCarthy’s heavy-handed tactics. McCarthy’s effort itself would have been easy to infiltrate and sabotage by anyone who masked their intentions with a zeal to expose Communists.

“McCarthyism” was born and McCarthy’s effort failed miserably. The KGB continued to bring agents into this country, agents who would assume the identities of deceased Americans and join the CIA throughout the 1950s. McCarthy was ultimately beneficial to them because they were much better off when McCarthy and his effort lost all credibility.

As cited earlier, there were a total of 497 KGB agents in the CIA and over 800 double agents when they were exposed in 1984.

The KGB officers began handling American intelligence officers targeted for political office starting in the early 1950s. Some of the most powerful Senators and Congressmen over the years have been in the CIA while they were in Congress. They’ve ranged across the political spectrum from the far left to the far right, as both groups were easy to exploit while the CIA established itself in the government, supporting liberal and conservative causes.

All statements in this book, specifically about what the KGB’s intentions were and what they did, came directly from the KGB officers in 1984.

Having CIA officers in Congress is clearly in violation of the Constitution.

Article I, section 6, states: “No Person holding any Office under the United States shall be a Member of either House during his Continuance in Office.”

George W. Bush’s father, former President George H. W. Bush, had been elected to the House of Representatives in 1966 and he was one of the CIA officers that the KGB was handling. His meteoric rise is detailed in this text, which includes being touted as man that Richard Nixon should choose for his Vice-Presidential running-mate in 1968, even though Bush had been in Congress less than eighteen months and had lost his 1964 Senate Race in Texas.

Two years later, as Bush was finishing up his second term in the House and making what would be his second unsuccessful Senate bid, he was touted as the man who should replace Vice President Agnew as Nixon’s running-mate in the 1972 election, and as the man who should be elected President in 1976. He was touted for the Vice Presidency a number of times after that as he was maneuvered into various positions, including Director of the CIA, and then Ronald Reagan’s advisers “heavily pressured him” to choose Bush for his running-mate in 1980. President Reagan was shot sixty-nine days after he and Bush took the oath of office.

In addition to George W. Bush’s father, a partial list of CIA officers targeted for political office includes current Senators Edward Kennedy, Chris Dodd, and Barbara Mikulski, and former Senators Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Claiborne Pell, Barry Goldwater, Thomas Eagleton, and Walter Mondale, and Congressmen Lawrence McDonald and Edwin Forsythe. There were other CIA officers in Congress in 1984 and some of them, besides Senators Kennedy, Dodd, and Mikulski, may still be in Congress.

Besides being in the CIA, Barry Goldwater was Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee in 1984 and Daniel Patrick Moynihan, as the ranking Democrat, was Vice Chairman. There were several other intelligence officers on both the House and Senate Intelligence Oversight Committees in 1984, and they also held positions on other key committees, such as the Foreign Relations Committee.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s CIA code name was John McMahon, and he, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, was Deputy Director of the CIA in 1984. The United States Senate had officially confirmed Daniel Patrick Moynihan as Deputy Director of the CIA and then used his code name for public records so that the American people would not know about the Constitutional violation. The CIA even used a picture of someone else that they claimed was John McMahon.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan and CIA Director William J. Casey were both renegade CIA officers and they were the vanguard of renegade CIA officers in 1984.

James Carter, Governor of Georgia before he was elected to the Oval Office in 1976, was also an intelligence officer. He was the first intelligence officer that KGB officers managed to get into the nation’s highest office, and he had another intelligence officer, Walter Mondale, as his Vice President.

The United States Congress and the Central Intelligence Agency confirmed that these individuals were in the CIA in 1984.

The KGB officers had an intelligence officer targeted for the Oval Office in every Presidential race from 1964 through 1980, and renegade CIA officers have continued on in this same tradition.

The main obstacle to exposing the KGB during the first three and a half years of my seven year effort was the fact that President Carter was one of the CIA officers being handled by the KGB. After that, Vice President George H. W. Bush and a corrupt hierarchy in the CIA were the main obstacles, but everything fell into place in 1984 and the KGB was exposed.

Separate renegade CIA factions picked up where the KGB officers left off in 1984 in trying to control the United States Government.

One faction wanted to make sure that their former CIA Director, George H. W. Bush, succeeded Ronald Reagan as President, and they knew that they could count on President Reagan in this endeavor. They could also count on Reagan not to expose the corruption during his Administration.

But George H. W. Bush wasn’t a product of renegade CIA officers. He had come up through the political ranks as a result of KGB efforts.

Renegade CIA officers sought for the same far-sighted vision that the KGB officers had of handling someone that they, themselves, had personally chosen for the Oval Office.

In 1984, a faction of renegade CIA officers chose George W. Bush, the son of George H. W. Bush, as the man they would put into the Oval Office.

I knew the Bush family in 1984 as a result of my exposing the KGB infiltration of the CIA, and I was present at a gathering with George W. Bush, his brothers, and his sister. George W. Bush’s brothers and his sister told me that he had committed a felony involving drugs as part of a secret agreement with renegade CIA officers who would facilitate his political career. George W. Bush did not deny committing the felony and was disturbed by the fact that I was being told about it. This felony is cited later in this text.

President George W. Bush retained George Tenet, a Clinton Administration appointee, as CIA Director. Renegade CIA officers needed a CIA Director that would not do anything about their nefarious deeds, especially since they didn’t control the Presidency during the Clinton Administration. There is no doubt that George Tenet had thrown in with renegade CIA officers and was thus retained by the Administration of George W. Bush.

Senator John Kerry, the Democratic nominee for President in 2004, was also one of the intelligence officers targeted for political office by the KGB officers. He first ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 1972, was elected Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts in 1982, and then elected to the United States Senate in 1984, the year that the KGB officers were exposed and the year that another intelligence officer, former Senator and Vice President Walter Mondale, was the Democratic nominee for President.

Over the years, I often saw John Kerry at news conferences and the State of the Union address as he stood in a clique with the five CIA officers who were in the Senate; Edward Kennedy, Chris Dodd, Barbara Mikulski, Claiborne Pell, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the last two of whom are now retired.

Not surprisingly, when Kerry testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971, Senator Claiborne Pell, a CIA officer who went on to become the Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, said that Kerry “might one day be a colleague of ours in this body.”

The KGB officers had sought to have two CIA officers they were handling running against each other in a Presidential race. They never accomplished this, but renegade CIA officers accomplished the next best thing in 2004. They have John Kerry, a renegade CIA officer, running against George W. Bush, who is being handled by renegade CIA officers.

John Kerry is married to Teresa Heinz, the widow of Senator John Heinz, who was the Senator killed by renegade CIA officers when a helicopter crashed into his plane in 1991. As the heir to the Heinz family fortune, Senator Heinz was worth $500 million when they killed him.

Senator Kerry “coincidentally” ran into Teresa Heinz at the Earth Summit in Brazil in 1992, the year after they killed her husband. She was there because President George H. W. Bush appointed her to be a delegate to the summit, and Senator Kerry married her three years later.

Renegade CIA officers killed Senator Heinz in an effort to get access to the Heinz family fortune.

Besides the KGB officers’ admission that they had killed thirteen Members of Congress, Senator Thomas Eagleton of Missouri, one of the CIA officers in the Senate, told me that he knew that the CIA had killed Congressman Jerry Litton of Missouri in 1976, one of two Congressmen to die in airplane “accidents” as a result of “mechanical failure.”

Ample information gleaned from researching thousands of newspaper articles dating from the 1940s to 1991 is annotated throughout this text. It corroborates the underlying truth of massive corruption in the CIA and the United States Government. The voluminous details in the articles, when made known separately over the years, meant little, but when pieced together, they clearly delineate the subversion and corruption in the CIA and the government. They give insight into how the KGB officers and the renegade CIA officers who succeeded them have slowly but steadily destroyed our democratic form of government.

Details were mostly gleaned from the New York Times and the Washington Post, and a small amount of information was taken from the Dallas Morning News, and the Houston Chronicle. A few details have been taken from two documentary videos.

The 313 articles that had the relevant information are listed at the end of this text and are annotated throughout the text by RP (Reference Page) to indicate what page of the “Compilation of Newspaper Articles” that the information was taken from. Copies of the 313 newspaper articles are on file.

The first exposure of a large-scale domestic operation of the CIA, which is cited in this text, was in 1967, and the Johnson Administration responded to it by stating that the CIA has “national policies established by the National Security Council from 1952 through 1954.” Executive Orders signed by Presidents Ford, Carter, and Reagan, each of which increasingly broadened the scope of the CIA’s domestic operations, are also cited in this text. The CIA’s domestic operations were especially rife with renegade CIA officers in 1984.

As cited earlier, all statements about what the KGB officers did and why came directly from the KGB officers in 1984. That includes the fact that the KGB officers were responsible for President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. The assassination was carried out by two of the KGB officers and a double agent (an American intelligence officer who knowingly and willingly worked for the KGB).

The KGB officers were also planning on assassinating President Kennedy’s successor, President Lyndon Johnson, right before the election of 1964. Their intention in this two-pronged assassination plan was to have one of the CIA officers that they were handling, Barry Goldwater, a far-right conservative Senator, elected to the Oval Office in 1964.

Besides all the obvious reasons for wanting an intelligence officer under their control as President, the main reason for wanting Goldwater as President was that he was a segregationist, and he would be their foremost asset to exasperating a very tense racial situation.

The civil rights movement had grown through the 1950s and was reaching its height by 1963, but Goldwater, as a segregationist, opposed it and Goldwater’s support was mainly in the South, where civil rights and integration were vehemently opposed. Exploiting the racial tension was the KGB’s primary focus to incite the masses and cause turmoil in the United States. The fact that 100 years earlier the United States was embroiled in a civil war over the rights of African-Americans was undoubtedly not lost on the KGB.

The closed-door testimony in 1984 of several individuals who were instrumental in covering up the assassination of President Kennedy is cited in this text. Along with the detailed evidence contained herein, it shows how the KGB officers killed President Kennedy and covered it up. Barry Goldwater’s shocking testimony in 1984, about his knowledge of President Kennedy’s assassination and plans to assassinate President Johnson, is also cited in this text.

A very important factor that provided for sustaining the corruption and criminal activity of the CIA is the fact that the Secret Service is the CIA. This is highly classified information and intelligence officers must have a “need to know” before they are privy to this knowledge. A section of this text is devoted to the Secret Service. Also included is closed-door testimony that the Secret Service is the CIA.

This text shows how the “Secret Service” took highly significant action to provide an assassin named John Hinckley with access to President Reagan in 1981 so that they could catapult then Vice President George H. W. Bush into the Presidency.

Every Member of the 98th Congress was acutely aware of how corrupted the United States Government and the CIA had become, as they were all present at the closed-door Congressional hearings that were held after the KGB officers were exposed in 1984. They were all aware that there were Members of Congress in the CIA, and they were also made aware that the KGB officers had killed Members of Congress, but the preponderant attitude in Congress, especially in the hierarchy of Congress, was that the American people should not find out about this pernicious corruption. The focus for Republicans and Democrats in 1984 was the upcoming elections, and no one wanted to make waves for their own political party by exposing the massive bipartisan corruption.

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