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Warren Commission Ommission

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In October, 1963 the Secret Service office in Miami, Florida was provided official notification by City of Miami Police Detective Jack Headley that an "informant" had made a sworn statement to the effect that an attempt would be made on the life of President John Kennedy during an announced upcoming visit to Miami. Information was developed that the planned assassination of the President would take place somewhere along a motor cade parade route from Miami International Airport to the location in downtown Miami where the President was scheduled to speak. Concern was expressed because of the publically announced decision not to use a protective bubble on the President's vehicle.

Based upon this and other information, a decision was made to fly the President by helicopter from Miami International Airport to the speech site in downtown Miami. This change was not announced to the public.

This information was not publically considered nor mentioned in the Warren Commission Report which ultimately determined that there was no conspiracy in the assassination of the President in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

It is not known whether the Secret Service provided this information to the Warren Commission.

Jack Headley eventually became an attorney and practiced law for many years in the City of Miami.

This information was provided to me by Jack Headley who later represented me in a private matter.


John McCarthy

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