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If you honestly believe that the Zapruder film is an authentic and unaltered portrayal of what occurred in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, then the following is for your consideration:

Being a convinced believer, you naturally have rejected any and all attempts to persuade you that the film has been 'doctored' in any way, shape or form. Naturally it follows that if you are correct in claiming that the footage is pristine, then every claim by the disciples of the 'alterationist cult'... and I confess that I have numbered among them... cannot be otherwise than false. Therefore, for the sake of logical argument and enlightment, let us concede that you are correct and that I/we have been preaching nothing but shameful 'heresy' concerning the authenticity of the film.

That granted, and in order that I/we may be able to understand how you were able to deduce that the footage is, so to speak, the 'genuine article', would you please be so kind as to list the presumably logical reason(s) which assisted you in concluding that the Zapruder film is unquestionably a true and photographically accurate recording of the assassination of President Kennedy.

In a nutshell, how do you know that you are correct?

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