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Morgan and Oswald

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I'm sure LHO mentioned William Morgan on other occassions and there are additonal references to him.

I also find it interesting that LHO wrote three letters to Leo Cherne and the International Rescue Committee,

a Gehlen/CIA extension of Operation Wringer, requesting assistance in returning to USA, and Cherne traveled to Cuba after the revolution and met with Morgan.

Morgan of course, was found guilty of treason and executed.


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morgan was featured on some threads here in 2004/5 and he is a nasty character.

he shows us the dregs and slime Uncle Sam was willing to enroll and engage in the COLD WAR...

a criminal and a psychopath, the Morgan story as it illuminates and extends the OSWALD counter defection

narrative reminds us of the depths of depravity counter intelligence countenanced, apparently back then.

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