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The Ultimate Evil

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Some time ago I read Maury Terry's "The Ultimate Evil." I would highly recommend it. I am posting about it here although it has nothing to do with the assassination of JFK, I thought the panel may be interested in some of the parallels contained.


The basic story is the investigative work of Maury Terry as he began peeling back the proverbial onion as related to the 'Son of Sam' killings in New York City in the 70's. What he discovered was that it was not the work of a lone killer, David Berkowitz, but instead part of a bizarre and multi-layered attack, which had ties to Prostitution, Political Office, Drugs and a Satanic Cult. The larger reaching connections between the cult killings in NY took him as far as Florida, California & North Dakota.

David Berkowitz joined this group or cult through his introduction to the "Carr" brothers. These brother's had a father named "Sam." Interesting, isn't it? David was into arson and kicks, and he naively associated himself with this group without fulling being aware of what he was getting into.

One of the Carr brothers was responsible for having written the majority of the cleverly worded taunts which were directed to the Police. Many of these letters had 'clues' as to the identities of the individuals and group involved, and even their location.

At the bottom level, you had a group of young people, searching thrills and kicks, part of a larger organization that preached Satanism, and wanted to bring on the revolution and the age of Aquarius through violent acts, including arson and murder. This layer then had ties to a larger International organization, and the drugs and prostitution tied in to higher level socialites, including Politicians, Doctors and even some of the Hollywood set.

When the Police dragnets began, searching for the lone, nut assassin, David maintained to the author that the reason they were unsuccessful in catching him was because he was never alone. He drove freely across the various boroughs of NY in the company of another man and two women.

He wasn't innocent, however, as he had pulled the trigger on at least 2 occasions in the killings - albeit the other murders were performed by a variety of other players, including a woman.

If you examine the Police sketches of the eye-witness accounts of the suspects [included in the work], you will quickly see that it could not have been Berkowitz in all of the killings.

Here are some of the parallels, in my opinion, that I found interesting:

- The infamous "Charter Arms Bulldog" revolver used in all of the killings was not a single gun. The group had many, which further confused the investigation [rifling analyses, etc].

- David Berkowitz took some form of vow, including the submittal of family photos and addresses, which would prevent him from talking, through the threat of having his family murdered. It was some form of blood rite initiation, which I believe is very similar to the rite of Omerta used by the Maffia. I believe that Ruby was in a similar situation when he was imprisoned.

- David Berkowitz allowed himself to become the Patsy. He took the fall, the killings stopped. He was unable, however, to satisfactorily answer all of the troubling questions relating to each of the murders - simply because he wasn't present.

- David Berkowitz may have allowed himself to be set up. The call that led to his arrest was when an investigator accidentally connected with an operator, who just happened to be a Carr, and sister to the 2 "Son of Sam" brothers. Maury doesn't drill into this 'coincidence' which I found extremely strange.

- The Police were anxious to find their 'Lone Killer.' After the arrest, the investigation was concluded, although Maury Terry continued to work with certain NY and North Dakota Police Officers, who remained unconvinced.

- As Maury Terry continued his investigation, all of his suspects and winesses started turning up dead. Many of them were ruled suicides, including the death one of the Carr brothers, who had blown his face off with a shotgun. The shotgun was located at some distance from the body, and he had apparently managed to scrawl some satanic markings in the blood on his own body before dying.

- The investigtion was hampered, mainly by the politcal 'smokestacks' that existed between the various departments of the 5 Boroughs. Information was poorly shared if at all, and the murderers seemed to recognize this, and simply changed their target areas accordingly.

- Terry's investigation became stalled and undermined by several high ranking officials, who appeared to be more interested in holding to the 'lone nut assassin story.' There also appeared to be the threat of implication to some higher-ups, who may have been involved with the drugs and prostitution. Berkowitz had assisted in acting as courier to some of these 'high society' parties.

The final outcome of the brutal series of murders was the arrest of David Berkowitz, still incarcerated today [and rightly so for his participation in at least 2 of the murders]. He's now a 'born again' Christian [like Files], and had refused to participate in any further interrogations on the subject [beyond that which he initially gave to Maury Terry, not too long after his conviction].

Many of the other perpetrators were violently murdered to cover the tracks, which had ties to larger scale organizations, and higher level society figures. Maury Terry warns these higher levels that he has sufficient incriminating information, which is presently sitting with an anonymous individual, which would be released immediately, should he fall prone to some strange and sudden end.

And in terms of what the public believes, as illustrated in the recent film, "Summer of Sam," the murders was David Berkowitz, who was a confused, lone nut assassin that received his orders to kill from a black labrador that lived next door.

- lee

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