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Charles Carl Roberts IV

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The attempt to portray Lee Harvey Oswald not only as the assassin of President Kennedy, but the lone assassin, who acted on his own personal psychological motives, the nature of which will never be known, is not a popular one.

It is however, the official position of the Warren Report, and supported by some - Marina's biographer Priscialla Johnson McMillan, Commission attorney David Belin, Gerald Posner, Ken Rahn, and material witnesses Hugh Aynesworth, Carlos Bringuier and Ruth Paine.

An honest psychological criminal profile of LHO however, identifies him correctly as a Covert Intelligence Operative and part of an intelligence network, yet to be fully identified.

For those interested in the psychological study of the motives of real lone-nut killers, Charles Carl Roberts IV and Howard Unruh, the first modern American mass murder/spree killer serve as good case study examples.

CCR IV is an apparently normal American male who barracaded himself in an Amish schoolhouse in Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, and killed five young girls, executing them in the head, before killing himself.

The response to this crime is similar to the assassination of JFK, with the perpetrator and alledged perpetrator dead, and a public call to ban guns and institute tighter security measures at schools, including metal detectors and armed guards at the doors.

Howard Unruh, a WWII army veteran, who kept a journal of his kills, in Sept. 1949 kept an arsenel of weapons in his Camden, N.J. apartment where he lived with his mother. She suspected he was on the edge when he stockpiled some supplies, walked around the neighborhood and shot over a dozen neighbors - targeting the barber and pharmacist, but also killing passersby in a car and kid on a hobby horse in the barbar shop. He then retreated to his apartment before meekly surrendering. Unruh is still alive in a Trenton Psych prison, and has been studied extensively, though the results of those studies are kept private until he dies.

While dozens of similar mass murders and spree killings have taken place between Unruh and CCRoberts (The Texas Tower), the assassination of President Kennedy is not one of them.

Therefore the investigative approach to the crime is different than that used to apprehend the typical mass murderer.

Bill Kelly

Edited by William Kelly
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