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Biography: Charles Black

Charles Black

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I graduated from College with Batchelor degrees in Politcal Science and Psychology. I was an ROTC graduate and entered he U.S. military immediately . I became disillusioned with the Viet Nam war, and upon my request was honorably discharged in 1970 as a Captain.

I was employed by a major oil company in marketing mamagement. In the early 1980's I left the oil company and went to work in the field of sales management. I retired at the age of 60. My wife is still employed as a Montessori teacher.

I have two grown sons, one grandchild and another which should arrive in time for Christmas.

I have had an extrmeme interest in the JFK assassination for over 40 years. My interest evolved, not so much the result of a personal love for JFK, but a love for truth and the type of government under which I was born.

I feel that the events of 11/22/63 were most definitely a Coup d' Etat and were the results of planning and backing at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

I personally consider myself more an "analyst" than a true rsearcher.

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