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That's his story and he's sticking to it....

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Specter discusses political threats, JFK assassination

By Jeff Greenburg

Herald Political Writer

Four decades later, the Kennedy assassination continues to interest people and Specter fielded a question Wednesday about his work on the Warren Commission and the “magic bullet” theory he is credited with formulating.

Specter was a young assistant counsel for the commission responsible for going through the medical evidence. His conclusion, adopted by the commission was that one of the two bullets that hit Kennedy took an odd course to hit Texas Gov. John Connolly in the front seat of Kennedy’s limo in Dallas in 1963.

The theory has been challenged by many over the years but never formally discounted.

"Admittedly it was a strange course, but I always say truth is sometimes stranger than fiction,” Specter said.

While there have been plenty of books written and a few memorable movies about the assassination, Specter said in the end no new evidence has surfaced over the last 40-plus years that would lead him to believe anyone other than Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy.

“If there had been a conspiracy, I think we would know it by now,” Specter said. “Nothing stays secret in this country.”

There’s still speculation about the Abraham Lincoln assassination 141 years after it occurred and Specter said he expects people will still by theorizing about Kennedy’s death 200 or 300 years from now.

“Maybe even until the end of my term in the Senate,” he added with a laugh.


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Hey Arlen,


There is a rumor that the only reason the GOP is less than fully committed from going full tilt to outlaw abortion, is because of the unwanted future Arlen Specter's entering the world, proving Mr Specter is the reason abortion is still legal.

If anyone wants to get a glimpse of his frequent naseauting performances heading what are allegedly called "hearings" see NSA Wiretap Hearings and Oil and Gas Industry Hearings [re Oil & Gas Exec's explain determining market price for gasoline, replete with kissy faces and coddling sweet questions from Mr Magic Bullet, himself] if interested, check CPAN's Daily Programming Schedule, just keep a barf bag handy, you will need it.

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