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Any Help would be appreciated: sorry could not attatch phto for some reason; Perhaps I am out of space.

Yes, you can't seem to upload very big files. My limit is 188.68 k , I don't know if it's the same for everyone else. Why don't you ask John or Andy if they can upload it for you?

I'm very curious to see this photo now!

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A couple of ways to fix the problem: Post your photo to a different site and post a link here.

Or go through your own old messages and delete attachments from these to release space, or send your picture to one of the members with "unlimited", or should I say larger posting rights. I believe Bill Miller and Jack White are some of these members. Typically all the photo specialists have such privileges on this Forum.

I believe John Simkin is (or has been) away, since he has not been participating in Forum discussions the last few days, otherwise he could naturally, assist in this matter as well.

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Hey Tosh,

Is this the photo?


No James. Thats not it. Where did you get this picture? Looks sort of familar. But I can place a name with the face.

The other picture I did send to Simkin. However, I now know who it was and there is no need to post it. .,

thanks anyway.

Somebody was playing a game with me.


The image I posted is doing the rounds at the moment in an attempt to find out who that guy is. He was 19 when the photo was snapped and he supposedly handled some Cubans.

I have no idea who it is and neither does anyone else it seems.



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