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From De-Classified Files Document 104-10312-10350

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Memo:Lee Harvey Oswald/CI/RA/Visit to National Archives

From: Arthur E. Dooley

To: The Record

Date: July 7, 1966

Subject's - L H Oswald

Yuri Nosensko


Recently, I came across the declassified document listed above. The document in question concerns a search for 2 Classified CIA Exhibits [WC CD 1551 & 1552] that are missing. To make a long story short, the documents in question, turn out to have been simply "misfiled" and turn up in the National Archives. From there the document gives in Arthur Dooley's word's, a brief description of each of the recovered documents, which includes 2 other "previously missing documents" as well.

My reason for posting this concerns the description of the last two documents. Dooley states "the third memorandum dated March 12, 1964 covered a conference on that date at the commission headquarters attended by Messrs. Helms, Rocca and Murphy......." But then Dooley comes to the last document.....

"the last document requested by me was a memorandum from Mr Slawson to Mr. Specter dated 13, March 1964 entitled 'Testimony of Doctors.' Among other thing's, Mr. Slawson referred to a CIA request to exhume Oswald's body, and that he agreed with the FBI that this should not be done on the basis of the available facts unless absolutely neccesary."

Strange thing's happen when a crime is not adequately and investigated to everyone's satisfaction after 43 years, especially when the crime is the assassination of the President of the United States.

An example: Take Lee Harvey Oswald and his Historic Diary. Today, many accept the premise that the diary was written by Oswald unquestioningly, when in actuality the HSCA spent quite a bit of time "investigating" whether the diary could have been a forgery, although the Oswald diary is generally accepted as being written by Oswald, [there are those who would point out that the HSCA also ruled that the 'infamous backyard photographs' off Lee? posing with copies of The Worker and the The Militant were "authentic" a claim that was rebuffed convincingly by equally qualified experts] nevertheless, even the handwriting analysis experts stated that they tended to believe that 'large portions' of the diary were written over a very short period of time.

Which leads to the salient point, the other Oswald's......Richard Popkin, Michael Eddowes, John Armstrong as well as a significant portion of the research community acknowledge not just that there were the obvious Oswald impersonation's but that the impersonations of Oswald are an integral part of the plot i.e. Mexico City, Dallas.....Maybe that topic is why David Lifton is a tad behind schedule on his Oswald biography.

Edited by Robert Howard
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