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Translation needed for Gutierrez letter

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Attached is a PDF file with a two-page letter (plus RIF header), written to President Johnson on 2 Dec 1963 by Pedro Gutierrez Valencia. Gutierrez was a credit examiner who said he had been to the Cuban compound in Mexico City on Sept 30 or Oct 1, and had witnessed Oswald in heated discussion with a Cuban man (discussing Kennedy), who was counting out money to Oswald.

Aside: Gilberto Alvarado had Oswald taking money inside the embassy, Gutierrez outside, I think the Huismann/Russo film has Oswald in the parking garage now.....

Gutierrez was interviewed by the FBI in Feb 1964, and found credible but ultimately dismissed based on lack of photosurveillance photos showing him (um, they couldn't find a photo of Oswald, either), and his apparent inability to pick Oswald out of a photo lineup.

Gutierrez retracted most of his story when questioned by the HSCA. For more details and documents:



Is there a person fluent in Spanish who would be willing to translate the letter reproduced in the two images attached?


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Here’s my translation (I read Spanish well but I won't say I'm fluent), with a few words in brackets that either have me completely stumped (prodictorio and espeferas) or seem misspelled or something (discution). Some of his grammar or sentence structure leaves something to be desired, as can be noted in my literal translation of it.

It is my desire to contribute facts that may shed light on the [prodictorio] assassination of the distinguished President John F. Kennedy; I well know that my contribution signifies only a “drop of water” in the ocean, but my best desires are to serve a cause of humanity, so saturated with criminal hatreds and grudges.

I am a Mexican, 59 years old, married, with 4 sons, 3 of whom were born in the United States, the oldest 36 years old and a surgeon, the youngest situated in the city of Los Angeles, California, with 3 of my brothers who are North American citizens.

I had my legal residence in the U.S., in June of 1948, facts that with regard to my identification and affiliation can be gathered in Washington, D.C.: (UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE – IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION SERVICE – REGISTRATION No. 6945274), and at the same time I send my photograph and fingerprint of the RIGHT THUMB, which if your excellency desires to accept my contribution, serves as my identification before the U.S. Embassy here in Mexico City, if they call me.

In the year 1947, I was the Commandant and personal aide of the director of the Penitentiary of Mexico City, being the Director Javier Pina y Palacios, currently Chief of the Legal Department of the Secretary of Public Education, and who at that time delegated his faculties to me; at that time I was the first public functionary to combat Communism, which I can prove before the American Embassy by means of periodicals of that date, giving rise to bitter death threats against me, especially by Doctor Esther Chapa, at that time Jefe of Social Prevention (?) at the Penitentiary, and by Jack Mornard, the assassin of Leon Trotsky.

For the past 9 years, I have been performing the task of Credit Investigator in El Palacio de Hierro S.A., by which I have had the opportunity to deal with and know many persons of different [espeferas] and ideologies and many hidden circumstances and who generally don’t go by “the simple view" (?), assuring that in our way we are saturated by the terrible cancer of Communism, which is nothing more than disorder, social injustice, disorientation and crime.

The many personages that I have had occasion to investigate in my work include: in 1958 General Bethun H. Phillip, military attache (?) at the U.S. Embassy, the ex-president of Guate(mala . . . . . . . .), General Luis Alamillo Flores, who was our military attache (?) at our embassy in Washington, Mexican senator Alberto Medina Munoz, and the Cuban ambassador to Mexico Jose Antonio Portuondo Valdor, who for credit I dealt with his wife Senora Bertha Valdez de Portuondo, by which I have ever since had live interest in some activities of the Cuban Embassy, whose place encloses a nest of conspiracies and plots; also in pursuit of my work, I had occasion to do some investigating of Cuban citizens in said embassy, approximately the last day of September or first day of October in 1963 and in a casual manner, as I was leaving that place, an individual also left in the company of a possible functionary of the embassy, the first one North American, who appeared to me with a “malevolent face,” and who subsequently by his photographs I realized perfectly was (Lee H. Oswald) – who was counting DOLLARS carried in his hands, both [discution] mysteriously and hotly and words that would grab me unforgettably and were: CASTRO, CUBA AND KENNEDY, continued walking on the street, the two took an auto and disappeared from my view; by which, most excellent Mr. President, I have the firm conviction that the indescribable attempt that President Kennedy suffered was not the personal work of any fanatic but a show of FIRM CERTAINTY, that was directly ordered by FIDEL CASTRO, through his embassy in this city and I am sure that here was forged the attempt that will leave an indelible mark on the history of humanity.

Mr. President: if my services which I offer spontaneously and disinterestedly and in a STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL way, can be useful, I put them at the unconditional command of the United States of North America, through the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, by means of orders that you see fit to give to whomever corresponds, the best prize that I can have is to try to serve humanity, even at the cost of my life.

I beg you, accept my respectful fidelity,

P. Gutierrez Valencia

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