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Anybody know anything about this photo?

Jack White

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That looks like a crop from an image taken at Parkland Hospital.


I think you're right there, James. They're carrying the clothes seen in the sequence of photo's looked at before. The entrance is to the right.

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and the photographer in the foreground looks like he trying to hide evidence?

i must say that the more i read, about this eveny, the more i get angry

it is so obviuos as to who was involved.

why has it been 40 years??????

cover up and the new world government.l!!!!!!!

wake up, voters!!!

i truly fear that we live in a facist state.

since 1963.

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He's just getting a pen to take some notes.

red: airconditioner

blue: white building where drums are

green: truck

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no jack, i've never seen it. my apologies.

looks like from fort worth, before the nature of the beast.



The limos were not used in Ft. Worth.

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Wider view.

Great, Robin. I did not know my version was cropped from a wider view!


Good thread.

Notice how well preserved the evidence is here, no chance of tampering with the GG-300 at all............

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That's Parkland for sure. The ambulance (with the famous "ambulances" sign above) can be seen on the right and the VP car is in the foreground. It looks like the Cadillac followup car has been moved, however. Was this after the "crime scene" was driven back to Love Field?


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