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Biography: Evan Marshall

Evan Marshall

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Retired from the Homicide Section of the Detroit Police Dept in 1989 with the rank of Sgt-other assignments included: Crime Lab, Crime Scene Investigation, Tactical Unit, Dept Sniper, Training Sgt for the SWAT Team. Since retirement worked for several firms including Israel Military Industries and spent 5 yrs as a contract training specialist for Federal Agents who transport and secure weapons of mass destruction.

I have a BA in History and an MA in Criminal Justice currently own Marshall's Shooting Center-a gun shop and indoor range in Midland, Michigan. Want to join because I was a sophmore at BYU in Provo, Utah on 11-22-63 and from the very beginning it did not fit together-read the 26 volumes several times and the conflict between conclusions and evidence is even greater. Having been assigned to Detroit Homicide twice in my career it became obvious it was never properly investigated and as a police sniper, its obvious LHO didn't shoot anyone.

Married with 7 children and 32 grandchildren. I'm the coauthor of three best selling books on stopping power and have been a published writer in the firearms and law enforcement fields since the mid 70's.

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