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New Thomas Pynchon Novel set for 11/22 release

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Why is this posted in the political conspiracy section?

Pynchon's novels might be described as the epistomology of "conspiracy theory" They are essentially about how do some narratives get called "Conspiracy theory" and other things get called history. If anyone here has not read Gravity's Rainbow I strongly recommend it. The novel explores similar themes and questions about the structure of power to those explored by the ed forum and spartacus sites.

I suspect that reading Mr Pynchon's take on the last ten years of US history (which I promise you is what you will be reading regardless of the ostensible setting of 1907 mining wars) will prove far more illuninating and insughtfull than 95-98% of the non-fiction liberal Bush-bashing floodtide of books published in the last several years.

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