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Biography: Bryan Foshee

Bryan Foshee

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Born in 1965, I’m a lifelong Memphian. If you were to look up the term average guy, there might be a picture of me there. Married for 11 years with a three-year-old son. Longtime netizen and blogger. I’m interested politics both local and national. My real job is telling people in cubicles to reboot and stop double-clicking on links; however, I have made one dreadful low budget film and one fairly wonderful short film. At this time, I’m working on a script about a fictional phenomenon in Memphis, 1969 which I hope to produce sometime in late 2007.

The JFK murder had long fascinated me prior to seeing the Oliver Stone film but following that, I actively sought out information in my spare time. I’ve spent a lot of time in internet forums and found them to be helpful in getting lots of different information from many sources and correcting misconceptions I’ve had on subjects and verifying others. It seems that this forum is populated with knowledgeable and articulate people who has spent time on the subject.

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