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Was John Terry sent off for making racist comments?

John Simkin

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Message from a contact:

Apparently on the internet message boards it is alleged that John Terry told Ledley King to 'Shut up you lippy black monkey' before getting sent off on Sunday. This would explain the following:

Why King went mad, when normally he is mild tempered and the incident appeared harmless.

Why Chimbonda went berserk and had to be physically restrained.

Why Drogba, who was there and always gets involved, did nothing.

Why Terry calmly walked away expecting to be sent off for what appeared on TV to be nothing.

Terry was accused by Eto of making racist comments in the Barcelona game last year.

Apparently a Spurs player has leaked this, but Chelsea are working overtime to keep it quiet Ashley Cole has said that Poll told him the lack of discipline by Chelsea was out of order and Chelsea are trying to discredit Poll, but he cannot possibly come out and say what Terry did as he is the England captain, preferring to say he was sent off for 'ungentlemanly conduct'.

Finally, Rio Ferdinand said in his book that a current England player was a known racist. Wonder who he meant?

If this story is true, it will be massive and I can't believe the press haven't got hold of it yet. Chelsea must be weighing journalists out left, right and centre!!

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