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At this site one can download a demo version of a program that has some very useful features.

"InSpeck EM Demo Section

In this section you will be able to download a free version of InSpeck’s

award winning 3D Editing and Merging software. With this package you

can view 3D Models with full texture, wire mesh or even solid mesh."


It's possible to view a head model according to xyz cooordinates and with that orientation shifted or 'translated' up down left right.

The model can be viewed as a solid texture or a mesh or transparent texture (and other ways) in perspective or not, at a varying zoom.

One can enter the desired coordinates and the program rotates the model accordingly.

What this means is that if one can develop corresponding cooordinates in a virtual Dealey Plaza one can then view a model of a head from anywhere in the plaza simply by filling in the appropriate field in a menu.

So all that is needed is to understand and then compute the coordinates. I have attempted to find the coordinates of Kennedys head when viewed from the film surface of Zapruders camera for Z313. What this means is that the z axis runs perpendicularly from the film plane to Kennedy's head and x and y are as usual. The problem then is that this does not immediately relate to a horizontal vertical space.

the 'BIG' problem is working out how to easily convert from one space to the other using the data in Wests survey so that the program can be used to see what is and what is not possible as far as trajectories go.

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continuing on with this

The problem if solved could make seeing headsrom anywhere in space around the headshot possible. With Tom's survey figures and other epertise on the forum we should be able to then make a coordinate system that anyone can use. The following is an estimate of head from Ashtons headshot topic.

It involves xy and z and a translation or shift from a dead ahead view in any direction. Here is the result of x 41 y 208 z 0 translation x 5.552369 y -119.62831 zoom 0.2 (File>Properties>Keyframe)


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