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Biography: Penny Flynn

Penny Flynn

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Occupation: Sales & Marketing Assistant Engineering Company in the Midlands.

Education History: I studied French and Hispanic Studies at The University of Liverpool in the 80s and have a Diploma in Translation from the Institute of Linguists. I have taught EFL abroad and ESOL in the UK. In recent years I moved back to Wolverhampton, my home town, where I currently work in Sales & Marketing for a local company dealing with customers/markets in Spain and France.

I would like to join the forum because I have been lurking for a long time now and would like the opportunity to ask the occasional question! I first became very interested in this in 2003, when I caught a documentary

on tv detailing the discrepancy between the bullet holes in the President's jacket/shirt and the wounds described in the Warren Report. I had seen JFK and my parents both declared their doubts about all the assassinations, but I had not really thought how important this event was until that point. This prompted me to start reading the Warren Report on-line and since then I have not been able to stop reading as much as I can on this assassination, and the others. I am no professional researcher, just an interested reader. So I might not be able to contribute much (except the odd translation from Spanish/French if requested) but I am very keen to take part on occasion. These last few years reading about the case have served to help me look at all current events and the way the media report them in a more skeptical/broad minded way.

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