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Biography: T. S. Reynolds

T. S. Reynolds

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I'm an artist/designer & illustrator working various media. Historically, working in fine arts exclusivly, refusing to compete with a computer....Tha is until my son was born in '87. That same year, I dove head-first into 3-D animation & broadcast TV, when a 10-second animation could (& usually did) take all week to render frames to tape. My beautiful daughter was delivered by stork (the way all beautiful lil' girls were then) and because I knew I couldn't miss another moment of witnessing the miracle of learning and experiencing things for the 1st time, I reverted back to traditional media (cave-man) illustration, using the itty-bitty mac for page-layout & type work only, insisting that I wouldnt succumb to the digital world that would make my life easier. I had convinved myself it was 'just a fad', it would soon pass & things would return to normal at anytime...In late 1999, I landed a freelance gig doing a series of posters, programs & various promo stuff w/ a tight deadline...I bought a copy of Adobe Illustrator, a PC and spent that next week learning the program while completing the projects... Photoshop followed a few years later...

My biggest regret is probably that I was born 20 years too early or the technology was 20 years too late...I love learnin & I feel like I'm always playing catch-up because of the easy availability of information nowadays. My kids still look at me as if I'm insane, when I become passionate about something new I've just 'learnt' and can't understand why they don't see the magnatude associated with this bit of wisdom I've just picked up...

At any rate, I like the forums and would like to introduce my children to them and the ease of finding information in a structured environment the way the forums are set-up.

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